At least 10 people were injured as a result of the collision of a car into a crowd of demonstrators in the U.S. city of Charlottesville (Virginia), where today riots broke out in connection with the action of the ultra-nationalists, according to the newspaper The Washington Post , citing witnesses of the incident. The police the number of victims did not name, saying only that some of them are in critical condition. According to media reports, the driver was already detained.

Meanwhile, in social networks was published video of the incident. A local resident captured the moment the car is gray at full speed enters into the crowd of demonstrators. After that the driver passed back and fled the scene of the incident. The car clearly visible traces of damage after hitting a pedestrian.

“Video of the incident where a car crashed into antiracists. Make no mistake: this was clearly a terrorist act. My condolences to the victims. Stay at home,” said the author of the video.

Video of car hitting anti-racist protestors. Let there be no confusion: this was deliberate terrorism. My prayers with victims. Stay home.

As a result of the collision of a car into demonstrators in a Charlottesville man was killed, many injured (VIDEO) 13.08.2017

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