The South Korean Prosecutor’s office on Tuesday, November 8, came with searches to the office of Samsung Electronics in Seoul as part of an investigation of the controversial case against a friend of President Choi sung-SIL, which is accused of meddling in the Affairs of state, their ties with the top leadership of the country to benefit. The Supervisory Agency suspected that the company illegally patronized daughter confidante of the President.

Prosecutors told Reuters that the search is connected with a scandal involving a friend of the President, but from further declined to comment. According to South Korean news Agency Yohnap, prosecutors find out whether the provided Samsung financial assistance for daughter’s Choi sung-SIL illegally.

Samsung Electronics confirmed that prosecutors visited their office, also without providing details. Currently, the company is trying to recover from a loss in $ 5.4 billion incurred due to the need to minimize the production of flammable smartphones Galaxy Note 7.

According to prosecutors, Samsung has provided 2.8 million euros (3.1 million dollars), the company which co-owners are Choi sung SIL and her daughter. In the past, the daughter of a friend of the President was a member of the South Korean national team in equestrian sports, and the funds were intended for her horseback riding lessons in Germany, notes Yohnap.

President of Samsung corporate Affairs Park sung Jin currently heads the Federation of equestrian sport of Korea. According Yohnap, part of the searches on Tuesday morning was held in his office. Review of the employee promptly to failed.

Also as part of a search questioned the Executive Director of Samsung, said a source in the Prosecutor’s office.

In addition, prosecutors searched the offices of the equestrian Federation of Korea and related organizations.

Because of the scandal the presidency of Park Geun-Hye is under serious threat. The head of South Korea suspected that she let his longtime girlfriend to interfere in the Affairs of state: passed important and confidential documents, including copies of its future performances, and allowed them to make changes that allowed Choi sung-SIL to have a direct influence on politics and the economy. It is also reported that the confidante of the head of state intervened in the appointments and work of the presidential administration.

The rating of Park Geun-Hye amid the scandal collapsed to the lowest elevations. The situation did not save even a public apology and consent to interrogation. Last Saturday, tens of thousands of Koreans came to the rally, demanding the resignation of the acting head of the Republic. In the case of a resignation of Park Geun-Hye will become the first South Korean leader, who failed to complete his five-year term in power.

Earlier in the case was arrested a former senior Secretary to the President of South Korea, Ahn Jung Beom. Him accused that it has forced several large South Korean companies to make multimillion-dollar contributions to two special funds relating to the girlfriend of the leader of the country. Before the arrest of the official of the South Korean President had to spend a few personnel changes, appointing a new head of administration and the Secretary for policy. Also, the country changed Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance.

Seoul district court issued the November 3 arrest warrant for Choi sung-SIL. She is accused of abuse of power and fraud. According to investigators, she used her influence to keep a major South Korean corporations to make multimillion-dollar donations to the two related Foundation: Mir and K-Sports. According to the press, through these structures the funds were received from 53 companies in the amount of 80 billion won ($72 million). Part of them was allegedly used Choi sung-SIL for purchase of real estate abroad and tuition daughter.

As part of the case against the girlfriend of the President of South Korea at the Samsung office were searched 08.11.2016

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