Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has called the war in the country is the direct conflict between Russia and the United States. He agreed with this statement in an interview to”Komsomolskaya Pravda”, where he also spoke about the main allies of Syria, calling in a number of Russia and recognized in several countries of the Lebanese extremist grouping “Hezbollah”. Assad said that the US was involved in the creation of the “Islamic state” (ISIS, a terrorist organization banned in Russia) in 2006 and was named the next target of the Syrian army after the liberation of Aleppo.

Interviewed Assad in Damascus, the KP special correspondent Darya Aslamova, which began with the fact that he compared the war in Syria with the beginning of the Third world. “The term is often used – especially after the recent escalation regarding the situation in Syria. Today we are seeing a situation similar to the cold war in the development stage. It’s something that appeared recently, because I think that the West and especially the United States didn’t stop the cold war even after the collapse of the Soviet Union,” replied Asad.

Russia, he called one of the three main allies of the Syrian authorities who are fighting with the terrorists. “Russia, Iran and “Hezbollah” is our eternal allies, and they are here on a legal basis. They are fighting against terrorists, but there are other countries that intervene with the aim of supporting terrorists,” said Assad. Hezbollah – the Lebanese Shiite paramilitary organization and political party, advocating for the establishment in Lebanon of Islamic state, a recognized terrorist organization by the US, Israel, Egypt, the League of Arab States and other countries.

On the question of whether the war in Syria is a direct conflict between Russia and the United States, Assad replied: “Yes, for the simple reason that… Russia wants to fight terrorism, not only over Syria, and not only because Russia itself. She fights for the whole region for the whole of Europe and for the world. The Russians understand that terrorism has been growing steadily since then, as Americans since the war in Afghanistan in the early eighties to the present day believe that terrorism is a trump card you can always throw on the table. You can keep it in my pocket, and when necessary, to pull. So we are talking about different ideologies, different approaches. That’s why the Russian-American conflict is natural, and even if you have dialogue, you’re talking about different things.”

He stressed that Russia demanded nothing from him for support: “the Russian policy is based on morality, not just the interest. We know they support us in the name of destroying terrorism, not because I want to ask for something in return. Up to this point they have nothing to asked for. All these factors pushed me and the Syrian government to ask for help from Russia”.

In addition, Assad said: “the West is watching long-term cooperation between Russia and Syria, relies on the fact that the destruction of Syria also have a negative impact on Russia”. The West seeks to punish Syria, like Russia, for independence, said the President: “Syria is an independent country and the West will never accept the independence of any country, no matter it is small or great Syria Russia… what is their problem with Russia? Because it protects their right to say “Yes” or “no”. And the West wants you and he always assented to”.

The Syrian leader also pointed to U.S. involvement in the creation ten years ago, the “Islamic state”. According to him, “Islamic state of Iraq” appeared in 2006, before the retreat of the Americans from Iraq. “So the Americans played a role directly or indirectly in the creation of ISIS,” he said.

In addition to the West, the opposing Syrian army terrorists supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel, said Asad. “Not only ISIS, not just “al-Nusra” (banned in Russia), but any terrorist with a gun in his hand, who kills and destroys Syria is supported by Israel. Sometimes Israel does this indirectly, by passing secret information to terrorists, and occasionally direct intervention, when it strikes on Syrian army positions”.

In the interview Assad also outlined the next target for the Syrian army after the liberation of the “economic capital” of the country, Aleppo. “Idlib is located right on the Turkish border. Hence he cannot cut off, will have to clean up. We will have to continue to sweep the region and send terrorists to Turkey so they returned to whence you came. Or eliminate them,” he said.

Assad said the war in Syria is a direct conflict between Russia and the United States 14.10.2016

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