The Syrian authorities will share with France the intelligence information about the location of terrorist organizations only if Paris changes its policy in the region. This condition before Paris put the President of Syria Bashar Assad. About his decision he announced in an interview with French publication Valeurs Аctuelles. Meanwhile, the head of France Francois Hollande is considering changing the Constitutionto start a full-fledged war against terrorists.

“If the French authorities are not serious in its fight against terrorism, we won’t waste your time on the country, the government or the institutions that support terrorists,” said Assad. According to the Syrian leader, France should become “part of the Alliance, which is fighting terrorism, not support it”.

In the snippet of the interview, which is posted on the newspaper’s website, Assad notes that France “cannot fight terrorism while acting in Alliance with Qatar and Saudi Arabia” (all three countries participate in international anti-terrorist coalition to combat, there are also Turkey, the USA and several other countries).

The Syrian President also called the conditions of his resignation as head of state. According to him, it completely depends on the opinions of the Syrian people. “The question of my resignation should not be brought up at international conferences. Question about my retirement depends solely on the will of the people and of the Syrian Parliament. Those who want to destroy Syria, in particular, want to destroy the last secular state in the region. Secularism is our distinctive feature. It is of great importance in the middle East,” said Syrian President.

Assad also spoke about Turkey and its participation in the conflict that is happening in Syria. According to him, Turkish President Erdogan is guided by ulterior motives, and the Russian leader is the sole defender of Christendom, on whom you can rely.

Note that Assad gave an interview the day after the terrorist attacks in Paris. The full text of the paper appears on Wednesday, November 18, in the printed version of the publication.

France has to change the Constitution to start the war against terrorists

French President Francois Hollande has proposed to modify the French Constitution. The reason for this became declared war on the terrorists of the banned in Russia “Islamic state” that has claimed responsibility for the attack on 13 November. “This war requires a constitutional regime that would allow to manage in times of crisis”, – he declared at a joint session of both houses of Parliament, reports Reuters.

Likely to be revised or amended articles 16 and 36 of the basic zakona the Fifth Republic. They define the order of transfer to the President all completeness of powers in case of impossibility of execution by authorities of their functions and the proclamation of a state of siege in case of war or armed rebellion inside the country. Hollande offers to prescribe in the Constitution and the concept of a state of emergency.

The legislation governing the state of emergency, appeared in France in 1955, during the war in Algeria. According to him, a state of emergency may be declared after official consultations of the President with the Prime Minister, chairmen of both chambers of Parliament and the constitutional Council – the highest judicial body of the country. About introduction of state of emergency the head of state informs citizens in a message. Military (or siege) the position in France, introduced by decree, which is the Council of Ministers. To extend this regime for a period of more than 12 days may permit solely the Parliament, reminds RBC.

The President also called to revoke the citizenship of convicted terrorists, deny the entry of persons with dual citizenship, suspected of involvement in terrorist activities, and to increase the budget of law enforcement agencies.

Deprivation of citizenship will threaten those who have committed “an assault on the fundamental interests of the state” or a terrorist act, but would only apply to those who have a second passport – to deny terrorists national origin Hollande does not offer.

The President also proposed to increase in two years the number of police and gendarmerie for 5 thousand people. The powers of law enforcement officers on the use of weapons should be extended “within the limits of legal space,” said Hollande. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve made the offer last week, before the terrorist attacks, at the present time it is considered by the police Union.

Earlier Tuesday, French aircraft struck new blows to positions of fighters of terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) in the Syrian city of raqqa, considered the capital and the main base of the militants in Syria, as well as the surrounding area. The raids were made last night, in the destroyed command post and a terrorist training camp.

This is the second attack of the French on is positions in Raqqah during the day. “For the second time in the last 24 hours the French military conducted air raids against ISIS in raqqa – Syria”, – quotes the press the statement of the French Ministry of defense.

The first occurred on the night of Monday, November 16, two days after a series of attacks in Paris that claimed the lives of 129 people. The attack was the deadliest such incident in the history of modern France. Responsibility for them was assumed by group “Islamic state”. In the first RAID French the BBC was attended by ten fighters, which dropped on terrorists 20 bombs. As reported by the Ministry of defence of France, as a result of the attack were destroyed command post and training camp of the IG.

The first blows on the positions of militants IG in Syria in the French air force struck in late September. Last week, French planes within 48 hours carried out two attacks on the rebel positions. In both cases, the steel targets oil installations of the group.

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, French President Francois Hollande has promised to increase the intensity of attacks in the future. He also announced the dispatch Thursday, November 20, in Syria a leading French aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle”.

At the same time, the official Paris opposes the ground in Syria. “Whether to send ground troops? The answer is negative. These troops will be occupying forces, and this will lead to the effect opposite to what we want to achieve,” said French foreign Minister Laurent Fabius on the radio station RTL.

Similar is the position of the United States. Despite the bloody terrorist attacks in Paris, President Barack Obama said that Washington will not go on a ground operation against the Islamists, as it “would be a mistake”.

Instead of on the ground operations Paris offers to join efforts in the fight against ISIS, creating a unified international coalition, while France now operates in Syria as part of coalition led by the United States. In this case, since the autumn of this year in the conflict in Syria intervened Russia, which began to launch air strikes on Islamist positions that caused a negative reaction from Washington and its allies. In particular, Hollande, according to RBC, earlier, publicly, sharply objected to the deployment of Russian troops in Syria.

It is not excluded that to the bombing of Syria may soon join other European countries. Such plans were already announced UK.

“I am initiating the question (on the bombing of Syria by Britain),” said Prime Minister David Cameron on air of broadcasting company BBC. He noted that the IG does not recognize the borders of Iraq and Syria. “That is why we should not,” he said.

Assad suspects Paris in support of terrorists and in no hurry to help France in the fight against IG 18.11.2015

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