American economist and journalist Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant
the economic policy of Finance Minister in the administration of the President
USA Ronald Reagan, accused the media in the ideological work on
Russia appealed to President Vladimir Putin with a request to give
him a Russian passport. The text of the open letter published on the website
and Foreign
Policy Journal

“Dear President Putin! Now, when a CIA agent Craig Timberg,
acting as a reporter for the Washington Post,
exposed me, I thought, could I trouble you for a Russian
a passport and a bit of diplomatic protection may be, as
assistant press attaché at the Russian Embassy in Washington until I
will have the opportunity to leave the country. I saw that you gave the passport
Steven Seagal, so I hope to be a Russian agent as
it is important, how to teach the Russians the art of fighting,” writes Paul Craig Roberts.

He noted that he did not know the rules by which paid work
Russian spies, but I agree to Deposit in a Russian Bank.
“Swiss banks are no longer as handy as a Swiss
the government has allowed Washington to write for them banking laws.
You may be able to connect me with the publisher of my memoir – “My
the life of Putin’s puppets,” continues the economist.

He asks to hurry, because after the publication of the Washington
Post interested the FBI. He writes that the security services would get mad at
him for what he had been so long deceived them, having access to secrets
of national importance and being an agent of the Russian Federation: “any day now
Washington Post, you may discover that my comrade, the KGB agent Ronald
Reagan and I voted to cut taxes on the rich, making capitalism so
oppressive to the Americans rebelled and overthrew him.”

In his letter, the economist assures Putin that his attempt to seek protection of the Russian Federation not
a ploy of the CIA. “My criticism of Washington’s policy for capacity
tensions between the nuclear powers and support your policies
the weakness of the opposition is not a spyware cover. I
do not want the world was destroyed in a thermonuclear war. In
United States this position is considered to be suspicious, I hope, is
acceptable. Looking forward to the passport,” – said in the letter.

In another article
the economist indicates that he was proud of getting your website in a list of 200
websites spreading Russian propaganda. On this list
posted by PropOrNot, November 24, referred to Craig Timberg in
the newspaper The
The Washington Post
in an article titled “the efforts of the Russian
propaganda contributed to the spread of “fake news” during
elections, experts say”.

Paul Craig Roberts is a Republican, former assistant to the Minister of Finance
for economic policy. He was Deputy editor of The Wall Street
Journal and publications columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard
News Service, Creators Syndicate, The Washington Times. In 2004
reprinted in major Newspapers, claimed to be due
criticism of President George W. Bush.

In 2009, criticized the “color revolutions” described
Euromaidan and the change of power in Ukraine as the U.S. against Russia,
criticized Washington’s actions on resolving the Ukrainian crisis.

Recall that the American actor Steven Seagal has received
Russian passport on 25 November from the hands of Putin.

Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan asked Russian passport 29.11.2016

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