For the right to build a military base in the town of Klintsy, Bryansk region near the border with Ukraine and Belarus, the cost of which rose to 1.4 billion rubles, ready to fight the company associated with the St. Petersburg restaurateur Yevgeny Prigozhin, and construction firm Vadim Giner, son of the President of football club CSKA Yevgeny Giner, reports RBC.

The increase in cost of construction by half as follows from the tender documentation posted on the portal of public procurement: the first auction in the amount of 909,2 million rubles was cancelled because it was not filed a single application.

The Commission of Federal Antimonopoly service on control in the sphere of procurement was canceled the second contest, finding a number of violations in the tender documentation, where, in particular, was wrongfully combined the design work and construction, not installed, what experience is required the bidders and does not contain the necessary information about the scope of work and requirements to their quality.

Klintsy is located 48 km from the border with Ukraine and 44 km from the border with Belarus. The need for construction of new military facilities occurred after the spring of 2016 to the Western border were deployed infantry troops by decision of the Minister of defence, Sergei Shoigu, said the Minister in June to counter the “build-up of NATO forces close to Russian borders”.

Under the terms of the auction, reconstruction of the existing base and construction of new facilities. The documentation on the public procurement portal provided, which should be built two dormitories for 200 people, a medical center with 50 seats, the field for mini-football, obstacle course, polygon, and multiple garages for equipment, a total of 120 seats.

For the right construction of Putin’s personal chef will fight with the son of the President of CSKA

The application form for participation in auction have submitted four companies, special attention RBC turned on “Megaline” and “TOK-Stroy”. “TOK-Stroy”, as follows from the data “SPARK-Interfax”, a quarter belongs to Vadim Giner, son of the President of football club CSKA Evgeny Giner. The company is engaged in the construction industry, it is among the completed projects of the frontier in the Krasnodar territory and Karachay-Cherkessia.

Co-owners “Megaline” until the end of 2015 was “the Concorde Management and Consulting” and “Lahta”, which owned 50%. Until mid 2011 the owner of a 14 percent share in “the Concorde Management and Consulting” was the St. Petersburg restaurateur Yevgeny Prigozhin, and until September 2013, he controlled 80% of “Lakhta”. The General Director of “Megaline” Gennady Kuropyatnik in a written response to the request of the Agency, said that the firm is not related to Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Prigogine, whom the media call “the personal chef of Vladimir Putin” owns the company “Concord M” is one of the main suppliers of power to manage the Affairs of the President of Russia. Plant food “Concord” serving the Moscow school and the military. C 2010 Prigogine received government contracts to supply food emergency, military, Moscow schools, sanitation (cleaning services) of military institutions, service housing for military camps, fuel supply for boilers and new construction for the defense Ministry, as well as the current repair of objects of the military Department. “The Fund of struggle against corruption” accused the businessman that he arrange for the cartels to obtain illicit profits, ppl and robbing the Russian army.

The name of the businessman also linked the organization and financing of “Troll factory” in the street Savushkina in St. Petersburg. In 2016 he became famous as the first citizen, which opened in St. Petersburg judicial practice of applying the law on the”right to oblivion”, seeking to remove from the Internet negative material about yourself.

Associated with “personal chef Putin” company undertook the construction of a military base for protection from NATO 16.11.2016

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