Chinese authorities perform the conditions concluded with the Washington agreement, which provides for the waiver of conducting cyber-espionage against each other, the report said the company FireEye, engaged in the activity tracking burglars. However, according to experts, now Chinese hackers turned their attention to other regions, in particular Russia, Ukraine, the Middle East and its neighbors – Japan and South Korea.

In recent years, the activity associated with the Chinese government hackers in the United States declined by 90 percent. Especially tangible effect of the agreement was marked last summer. FireEye noted that another factor that influenced the situation was the threat of the imposition on China of international sanctions.

The Reuters source in the us government stressed that it is premature to talk about China’s implementation of the terms of the agreement, but said that the FireEye report will be considered in the future. “We still make our own conclusions,” – said the source.

However, the activity of Chinese hackers has not disappeared from the United States as a whole. So, in 2016, experts have detected the hacking of two us companies. The burglars did not steal any data, and left loopholes for future espionage. Both companies have government contracts, said FireEye.

Company CrowdStrike also involved in Internet security, noted that the activity of hackers moved to other regions. Especially they have become interested in military purposes in Russia and Ukraine, political groups in India and mining industry in Mongolia. These data could be confirmed, and the representative of the company “Kaspersky Lab Kurt Baumgartner.

“Since the end of last year, against the Russian government agencies and technology firms real fixed shaft espionage activities.One of these groups appears to have stopped its attacks on the American energy sector and now focuses on government and diplomatic targets in Russia and former Soviet republics,” Baumgartner was quoted by TASS.

All the experts expressed confidence that the hacker attack was organized either directly by the authorities of the PRC, or by some intermediaries.

Associated with the Chinese government hackers stole the focus from US to Russia and Ukraine 21.06.2016

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