Supporters of the candidate in US presidents from Republican party of Donald trump, who could not pay tens of millions of dollars in taxes after he received nearly billions in losses in 1995, praised his ability to find loopholes in the tax laws.

So, the Governor of new Jersey Chris Christie said in an interview with NBC Newsthat this story “demonstrates the talent of trump.” According to him, it proves once again that trump the best job of facilitate the tax burden for ordinary people.

The former mayor of new York, and now one of the closest advisers to Republican candidate Rudolph Giuliani also defended trump: he called him a genius because he managed not to pay income tax for so long.

As the newspaper The New York Times, citing documents obtained, because of its huge losses, the government gave Trump the right not to pay income tax.

According to the newspaper, which is against trump in this election campaign, the presidential candidate got the right not to pay taxes for 18 years. In 1995, trump has incurred a loss of almost $ 916 million dollars, which under us law can serve as a reason for granting tax incentives.

Such amount emerged as a result of inefficient management of three casinos in Atlantic city, failing to do business in the airline industry and the failed acquisition of the Plaza hotel in Manhattan. This gave Trump an opportunity to save the same amount through taxes in the next 18 years – 50 million dollars a year. The newspaper did not specify whether the advantage trump the opportunity to receive these tax breaks.

The trump declined to comment on the publication of The New York Times. Moreover, it is not known whether the agreed trump not to pay taxes. Supporters of Hillary Clinton announced the publication in The New York Times sensation.

The campaign headquarters of the Republican candidate in response to the article issued a statement in which he called trump “a very capable businessman” who paid millions of dollars in taxes. “Mr. trump knows the tax laws much better than anyone who has ever put forward his candidacy for the office of President”, – said in a statement.

The representatives of election headquarters, trump said that the newspaper had obtained the documents illegally, but did not refute their contents.

Let us add that until now, trump has not published their tax returns in the U.S. presidential candidates give the public their financial documents on request. During the first debate with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton trump has promised to publish the Declaration in the case if its competitor will release deleted from your email 30.

Associates, trump estimated his tax genius: if he could not pay them 18 years, they will be able to ease the tax burden for ordinary US citizens 03.10.2016

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