On the forum site banki.ru there were complaints of investors, by mistake, the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) has received insurance more positions. Now they receive from the Agency a letter demanding the return of the amount of unjust enrichment, interest on borrowed money and the overheads, the newspaper “Kommersant”.

According to ASV, a technical error in the formation of the registers of obligations to depositors after revocation of license is rare, however, it sometimes happens that the insurance indemnity is paid including to a greater than normal size. If the depositor voluntarily does not return the overpayment, the DIA appeals to courts with claims for refund of overpaid amounts, including interest for the use of funds.

Errors occur in case of a delay displaying transactions from abroad in case of an exact match of surname, name, patronymic and in the case of errors that were made in the registry of the Bank. Overpayment generally does not exceed 30 thousand rubles.

Economic feasibility in practice this money is not because the Agency’s expenses for the recovery of small sums involved are far higher than what they can recover.

However, the DIA trying to protect themselves from possible claims in the event of various checks and to avoid unnecessary questions of regulatory authorities, the newspaper notes. A source close to the Agency argues that to seek a refund of overpayment is not always possible, but often enough.

The Agency is not always showing integrity, regardless of economic feasibility. According to Deputy General Director of DIA Maria Filatova, the ACB plans to abandon judicial debt collection for minimization of costs in similar situations with the technical credits of bankrupt banks.

ASV requires the return of the overpayment from investors who have received compensation more than 21.04.2017

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