Lenders are unscrupulous banks lost about 600 billion rubles. About it as transfers TASS, said Wednesday the Deputy head of Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) Andrey Melnikov at the conference “Today and tomorrow of the Russian banking sector”.

“We have to fix, that basically the Agency is dealing with the banks, deprived of their assets. According to our estimates, this is basically just the result of illegal actions of managers and owners of banks,” he said.
“Even at the scale of the banking system is an impressive figure, and in principle it is comparable to the amount of funding that we receive from the Central Bank in order to cover the deficit of the Fund (insurance Fund),” – said Melnikov.

The Deputy head of the state Corporation also said that the DIA in conjunction with law enforcement will prepare the methodology of investigation of criminal cases concerning the intentional bankruptcy of banks.

About 80% cases of Bank failures are criminal in nature and are associated with the withdrawal of assets.

“Today’s legislation does not fully adequately describe the performance of ASV, law enforcement officers and the courts when dealing with such sophisticated situations,” – said the Deputy head of the DIA.

With the aim of increasing the efficiency of the banks, in respect of whom the investigation of the withdrawal of assets abroad, the ACB has prepared a number of legislative changes. “Among those legislative changes, which seem to be important, are interim arrest of property of the perpetrators in the withdrawal of assets of persons, powers to obtain information about the entire chain of movement of assets, the lifting of the “corporate veils” with various forms of concealment of ownership of assets acquired actually at the expense of creditors,” – said Melnikov.

Recall last summer in the DIA estimated that since 2004, the Agency sued the bankrupt banks 1.5 trillion rubles, but managed to recover only 26.6 billion.

The carrying amount of the assets of the collapsed banks is more of 2.74 trillion rubles, and the real is estimated at 8.5 times lower – 322 billion. Thus potentially collect will only be 12% of the banks indicated in the financial statements.

The head of ASV Yury Isayev then said that during the entire period of its existence, the Agency paid to depositors 1 trillion rubles. The situation with refunds to legal entities he considers “tragic”: companies manage to recover only 17% of funds, and private investors getting back about 70%.

The state Corporation “Agency on insurance of contributions”, created in December 2003, among other things, manages the Fund of compulsory insurance of deposits, which make contributions the participating banks and which paid out compensation to depositors if their Bank stopped working.

Banks, selectable insurance Agency contest for the reimbursement of depositors deprived of licenses of banks, insurance the victims from their funds and the DIA then compensate them for the amount spent.

ASV has the right to resort to financing the payment of insurance compensation at the expense of credits of the Central Bank, if the size of Fund of obligatory insurance of contributions will fall below 40 billion. The insurance Fund has steadily decreased since 2013, when the Central Bank began a sweep of the banking sector.

ASV: unscrupulous banks caused its creditors damage at 600 billion rubles 19.10.2016

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