At the airport of Kemerovo state of emergency has occurred: a passenger plane after landing, got stuck on a snowy runway. Before that, the aircraft was deployed. As a result of incident nobody has suffered. Verification of the incident is already engaged in the transport Prosecutor’s office. A video with footage stuck on the runway side appeared online.

The incident occurred on October 23. The plane landed in Kemerovo at 20:15, writes “Gazeta Kemerovo” with reference to one of the passengers.

The aircraft is owned airline Air Azur, made a flight from Vietnam. “We flew in the exact time. But in our airport started a real madhouse: the track was covered in snow ankle -, Boeing at turn on, the Park launched,” – said passenger Julia Naumenko. According to her, the snow cleaners pulled up “40 minutes later”.

The fact that the incident occurred due to untreated runway, confirmed by other passengers. “The plane began to sit up, and blew it into the snow, as the runway had not been cleared,” reported online magazine “Sibgeo” the eyewitness of incident.

According to him, the flight crew called for a tow, but he came immediately. After one and a half hours of waiting passengers landed in the field. Later the aircraft was moved to the terminal on the tractor. Two hours later, the passengers came to the stairs and buses, they were taken to the customs where they another two hours had to wait for your Luggage.

Investigating the state of emergency is engaged in the transport Prosecutor’s office. “Previously it is established that when turning, the aircraft entered into a snowdrift. The result was a flight delay”, – said the site “Sibgeo” the assistant to the Kemerovo transport public Prosecutor Faith Svatalova.

According to prosecutors, after the incident, the plane was towed, specialists checked its technical condition. Then the Board flew back, reports

The delay of the return flight, according to prosecutors, amounted to more than three hours. On this fact an inspection is carried out. It will be installed, whether to perform the airport in full arrangements for maintenance of the runway. “Also carried out inspection of observance of requirements of legislation in the sphere of protection of consumer rights”, – said Vera Svetlova.

At the airport of Kemerovo Boeing, flown in from Vietnam, stuck in a snow Bank during landing 24.10.2016

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