The Congress “Right cause”, held in Moscow, took the decision on early termination of powers of the Chairman of the party Vyacheslav Maratkanov and the Federal political Council of the party. “Carried unanimously,” announced the business Ombudsman Boris Titov, Chairman of the Congress, reports TASS.

In turn, Maratkanov nominated Titov to the post of Chairman. If the Congress would support the candidacy of Boris Titov, Maratkanov must remain in the party Presidium, reports “Echo of Moscow”.

Titov himself was offered the post of Deputy Chairman of the party Tatyana Marchenko, who works in “Business Russia”, and Maratkanova candidacy for the post of member of the Presidium of the political Council.

Only the Federal Council proposed to form in the amount of 24 people, not including the party Chairman and his Deputy, who are part of this body ex officio. Still the composition of the governing bodies of the party ahead of schedule stopped its powers by decision of the Congress. The vote on a new membership guide will be a secret, reports “Interfax”.

Titov said earlier that if elected Chairman of the Right cause, he intends to rebrand the party and lead it to elections in the state Duma. It was assumed that at the Congress on 29 February, in addition to personnel changes in the leadership, a decision will be made about the change and the party. Subsequently, however, the question of renaming “just cause” has decided to postpone to a later date, notes TASS.

Business Ombudsman of the Russian Federation also stated that he intends to build a team, and not the party leadership, with powerful regional structure. In his opinion, “only then will the party be able to be effective.” Titov also saidthat the project of a new party affiliated with the presidential administration and supervised by the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin.

In the leadership of the party included businessman Dmitry Potapenko

The Congress party also announced that its management will include prominent businessmen such as the head of Management Development Group Inc. Dmitry Potapenko. According to Titov, he will oversee the party projects related to small and medium business, which will be a priority.

Speaking at the Congress, Potapenko said that the party should “to be”, to work effectively. “If we won’t be bottom and won’t be the coordinators and conductors from the bottom up, we worthless to our movement,” he said.

The entrepreneur is encouraged to focus on “best practices of immigrant absorption regions, protection of rights and freedoms active citizenship” (farmers, small and medium business). In an interview with TASS Potapenko has informed that is ready to participate in elections, but considers them solely as a tool to implement their ideas. “It’s a mechanism. If it gives you the opportunity to realize the great realization of what is happening, I can be there (to participate in elections), no matter what it will be elections,” he said.

Two United Russia party members have decided to cooperate with the party Titova

To the Congress “Right cause” came deputies from “United Russia” Elena Nikolaeva and Victor Zvagelsky. They told about the plans to cooperate with the party Titov, reports RBC.

As reported a source in the party, Nikolaev can run in the following composition of the state Duma from party Titova. Another source in the party reported that Nikolaev can join the “Right cause”, the question of parliamentary elections is discussed.

She explained that is not in the party “United Russia”, and included only in the Duma faction of United Russia, so the question of the transition from one political force to another is not worth it. While we can talk about cooperation, she said.

Zvagelsky told RBC that “until the question of his exit from United Russia is not discussed. “But if I am useful in this instalment, we will discuss the formats of cooperation,” he said. On the question of whether he can enter the “Right thing” in the future, Zvagelsky has not responded neither positively nor negatively.

Earlier about plans to run for the Duma together with the party Titov declared excluded from “Fair Russia” Oksana Dmitrieva. Along with her work with Titov will be the group closest to her deputies.

Titov announced plans to create a party of entrepreneurs this year. To do this, he decided to head Right cause, which has a “license” that allows them not to collect signatures in the Duma elections.

At the Congress of the Right cause choose new leadership 29.02.2016

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