At the EU summit not to impose new sanctions against Russia for the bombing of Aleppo. Introduced after the annexation of Crimea to Russia in connection with aggression in the Donbas, the sanctions remain in force, announced at the end of the first day of the summit, French President Francois Hollande.

The Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel warned that the EU may take measures against Russia if the intensity of attacks on Aleppo will remain at the level recorded before the humanitarian pause. She welcomed the Russian decision to establish humanitarian pauses.

At the same time, Merkel said that while the Commonwealth was not thinking about the schedule of further consultations on sanctions: “It played no role, there are many other formats in the EU. We haven’t discussed time, and the only question that you need in case you need to do, how to help people on the ground.” (Quoted by TASS.)

The Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kern confirmed that at the summit, no country has initiated the discussion of new sanctions against Russia because of events in Syria. According to him, it was understanding that the priority is now the process of peaceful settlement in Syria. “It is important now to extend the ceasefire, to work with international humanitarian organizations”, – said Kern.

A similar position was broadcast and the President of the European Council Donald Tusk. According to him, the heads of state and government at the EU summit in Brussels, strongly condemned the attack on the Syrian regime and its allies, in particular Russia, the civilian population in Aleppo. “If these atrocities continue, we will be able to consider all the existing options (response)”, – quotes Tusk “Interfax”.

He also noted that the summit instructed the head of the EU diplomacy Federica
Mogherini to continue “diplomatic and humanitarian efforts” in Syria.

Humanitarian pause in Aleppo began on 20 October from 08:00 am. The ceasefire is intended for the release of civilians, the evacuation of the wounded and sick, as well as to ensure that the city could leave the militants blocked in the East of the city. To ensure that people were created six of humanitarian corridors for civilians and two corridors for the rebels. Russia and Syria have stopped airstrikes in Aleppo on Tuesday.

The United States and other Western countries accuse Moscow and Damascus to bombardment of civilians and positions of the armed opposition in Syria. Russia insists that it targets only terrorists, and accuses US of failing to affect the forces of “moderate opposition” to dissociate them from the radicals.

Brexit negotiations will begin before March

Tusk also said that the UK until March next year will start negotiations with the EU for the country’s exit from the community.

“The Prime Minister (Teresa) Mae confirmed that until March of next year will launch the 50-th article (the Treaty governing the country’s withdrawal from the European Union)”, – he said. Tusk pointed out that the summit talks were not discussed: “No notice, no negotiations.”

At the EU summit not to impose new sanctions against Russia for the bombing of Aleppo 21.10.2016

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