The WikiLeaks on Monday, October 10, published the second part of the letters of John Podestà, the head of the electoral headquarters of the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton. Some of the letters were devoted to the question of the existence of data about UFOs. Attempt by journalists The Wall Street Journal to get a comment to this effect in the headquarters of the Clinton concluded that the interlocutor of the edition, started talking about trying to influence the outcome of presidential elections in the United States.

This, recall, is about the emails stolen by unknown hackers from the National Committee of the Democratic party.

In new emails published by WikiLeaks, contains two messages John Podesta from the leader of the punk band Blink 182 Tom DeLong, the contents of which concerns their common interest in the declassification of government data on UFOs.

In one of his letters, dated 2015, DeLong promises to introduce Podesta with two “very important people, familiar with this sensitive subject.” In 2016 Podesta DeLong talks about his conversation with former U.S. military official who “was in charge of this case”.

“When he had his accident in Roswell, they sent a UFO to the laboratory on the territory of the air base Wright-Patterson. General Mccasland until recently headed the laboratory,” said DeLong, reminiscing about the Roswell incident in July 1947, which is connected with one of the most notorious conspiracy theories associated with extraterrestrial life.

DeLong was not able to quickly comment on a request by the WSJ, concerning these letters, and at the headquarters of Clinton, ignoring the question about UFOs, talking about the Russian threat.

“Every American should be concerned that Russia with such zeal tries to help Donald Trump to become President of the United States,” – said the source publication.

According to the environment, Clinton and the American media, to hacking systems of the National Committee of the Democratic party are against Russian hackers, although the official evidence has not been published. In the Kremlin involvement in the cyber attacks Moscow has repeatedly denied.

Note that John Podesta is known as an active supporter of declassification of government secrets in General and of files about UFOs in particular. “I talked about this with Hillary. There are government secrets that people want to know, and there are still files that can be declassified,” said Podesta at the beginning of this year.

Hillary Clinton herself also said that intends to get to the archives, UFO-related, because, perhaps, humanity has encountered other civilizations. The presidential candidate finds it necessary to establish a working group to investigate everything connected with the “area 51″ in Nevada, which became famous because of numerous reports of unidentified flying objects. Many media interpreted Clinton’s statement as a joke, however, Podesta made clear that his candidate says quite seriously.

At the headquarters of the Clinton remembered about the Russian threat, answering a question about UFOs 11.10.2016

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