In Krasnoyarsk unknown vandals damaged a monument to Vyacheslav Zubkov, known under the name Slava Bug reports The song “City musician” dedicated to deceased seven years ago, the soloist of group “Invasion of cactuses”, opened late last summer on the Yenisei river embankment in front of the wedding Palace.

The monument is a bench, on which sits a musician with a guitar. Next to him is a case in which there is a cat, a cactus, a turtle, and horse. Last weekend, vandals tore off fixing a pot of cactus and stole a horse. Cactus bullies left in place. The figure of the performer was not injured, according to

As suggested by the Deputy of the city Council Konstantin Senchenko, who was one of the initiators of the monument, apparently, cactus threw, as it’s very heavy.

“I know that to the monument of Glory often come to people sitting on the bench, photographed with him and the couple, RUB nose for good luck. It is unlikely that the horse, detached from the monument, the thieves will bring luck and happiness. And we (the monument) will restore!” – also said Senchenko.

Krasnoyarsk is the author and performer of songs, glory to the Glitch lived in Zelenogorsk. In the last years of his life he was treated for tuberculosis and diabetes. He died in 2009.

Zubkov is known for songs like “Netherlands”, “Good morning, cat, Sit on the grass”, “traffic Lights”. Even during his illness, the musician continued to give concerts in Krasnoyarsk, proceeds from which went to his treatment.

At the monument of Glory Glitch in Krasnoyarsk stole a horse – a cactus and a cat left 11.10.2016

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