On the eve of the visit of Pope Francis to the U.S. authorities in new York have organized entertainment for the lottery drawing for free tickets among many wanting to see the papal ceremony in the Central Park of the city. Lottery winners already managed to award tickets.

This angered the radical representatives of the “Foundation for freedom from religion” (FSAR). They sent an angry letter to mayor bill de Blasio, which hit on the lottery, saying that thereby the city authorities support Pope Francis and Catholicism, according to “sedmica” with reference to information portal of World Religion News.

A letter signed second President FOR Annie-Laura Gaylor. In her opinion, the authorities have thus violated the provisions of the Constitution, which States that governments must remain neutral in matters of religion.

The Foundation for freedom from religion with headquarters in Madison (Wisconsin) is known for the fact that for the past 37 years unites hardened agnostics, atheists and skeptics. Activists have long and often fight successfully against laws and regulations, declaring religious holidays non-working days at the state level. This organization widely spread network of branches across the country and in new York, according to its leaders, it had more than 12 thousands of activists.

Recently the Fund has already accused the administration of mayor Blasio in “indifferent” to the present Pope. Therefore, there could not ignore the new “misconduct” of the mayor – the distribution of 80 thousand free entertainment tickets through the lottery for those new Yorkers who dream to be present at the solemn procession of Pope Francis. The Fund pre-sent an angry letter to the mayor, trying to prevent the holding of the lottery.

The Foundation for freedom from religion has made it his mission supervisor over the activities of the Church and state authorities. In this effort it relies on its 20 thousand members across the country. Among his “deeds” Fund reckons the attack on the prison administration in the state of Philadelphia for what she had the audacity to allow prisoners to make their own hand-carved chair as a gift to the Pope. For all these efforts, the activists did not forget to also vigorously challenge the decision of the Federal government, authorized the Pope to address the Congress during their stay in Washington.

Atheists in the US were outraged lottery, timed to the visit of the Pontiff 22.09.2015

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