Australian Cossacks decided to secede from the Transbaikalian Cossack army (TSP) “because of the treacherous positions” ataman enterprises Gennady Chupina. About this yesterday in the”Live journal” reported living in the Krasnodar region Cossacks from Transbaikalia Alexander Polupoltinnik.

According Polupoltinnik, may 6 in the Australian city of Sydney “hosted the Cossack circle, which gathered elected from all the village – Brisbane&, Adelaide and Malborski to solve the issue on further work in the current situation, when the army ataman G. Chupin literally betrayed his Cossacks on the continent, have played, you might say, into the hands of the American state Department…”. “Anyway, so that Judah kiss farther-chieftain”, he concluded.

In the end, the Cossacks in Australia have unanimously approved the decision of the ataman of the Union of Simeon (also known as Simon or Simon) Boikova of withdrawal from TSP because of the “treacherous position” Gennady Chupina and Board and “to continue their activities as independent Cossack organization”, says Polupoltinnik.

According to the author of the post in LJ, the Australian Cossacks decided to continue the cooperation with the Union of Cossacks-soldiers of Russia and Abroad, as well as its regional office in the Zabaykalsky Krai, which is led by the Cossack General Sergei Bobrov. Also, the Cossacks unanimously chose the city as its honorary leader.

In addition, the Cossacks of Australia decided to establish contacts with the Kuban Cossack army, his ataman, the Cossack General Nikolay Doluda and
chieftain of the Taman Department of the RAC, Cossack Colonel Ivan Bezugly.

In August 2017 semen Boikov is going to go with a large delegation of Cossacks of the Kuban, to meet with the leadership and troops of the Taman division, to participate in military field training camp of the 1st of the Taman Cossack division, to visit the memorial sites of the Kuban related to the history of the Kuban Cossacks and the White movement, said Polupoltinnik.

As said “Submedia”, 28 March, the Council of atamans of the Transbaikalian Cossack army was removed from the post of chieftain of the Embassy of the Australian Department ZKV Seeds Boikova. The decision was taken due to the fact that the Council did not accept “international activities” and the behavior of Aussie.

The decision was preceded by a major scandal in the Cossack associations. So, in January, the ZKV chieftain Gennady Chupin at a meeting of the Board of the organization has criticized the activities of the Transbaikal Cossack General Sergei Bobrov. “Format Bobrow leads to every perversion, and our task is to in the army was discipline and built a vertical of power, and that all the Cossacks had an understanding”, – was stated in the extract from the minutes of the meeting.

Bobrov was accused that he engaged in international activities on behalf of two organizations – ZKV and the “Union of Cossacks-soldiers of Russia and foreign Countries”, which led “to the creation of negative attitudes and inclinations not only among the Transbaikal Cossacks, but among the Cossacks of Australia”. Cossacks TSP Bobrov offered to suspend the “village plans” and forbid him to engage in international activities from a person TSP.

In February, the Embassy of the Australian Department ZKV were groundless and offensive statement Chupina on the international activities of Sergei Bobrov. Semen Boikov then demanded that the chieftain Chupina official denials of his words because they “are nonsense”. The participants of the meeting emphasized that the Cossacks are the brotherhood, and the statement Chupina goes against the principles of the Cossacks. However, Chupin demand was not obeyed.

According ZKV, Australia lives more than 10 thousand descendants of the Transbaikal Cossacks, who after the revolution and the civil war emigrated first to China and then reached the Green continent.

Australia Cossacks came out of the Transbaikalian Cossack army because of the “treacherous positions” of its chieftain 16.05.2017

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