In Australia, two residents of Sydney, are brothers, charged with the theft of exotic animals from a wildlife Park Simbio in Helensburgh. Prey of criminals became a few individuals of the smallest primates in the world – pygmy marmosets. One of the missing monkey, separated from its mother, was only a month.

Suspects in the theft were detained in two days. 23-year-old Jackson, George and his 26-year-old brother Jesse was stopped by the police on November 27 in Epine, near Sydney. In the car the men were discovered the smallest of the three kidnapped monkeys, reports

According to preliminary data, on Friday late night malefactors got on the territory of the Park, broke into an aviary with monkeys and kidnapped the head of a family of pygmy marmosets named Gomez, his 10-month-old daughter Sophia and her four-week-relative, the floor of which because of the tiny size did not have time to determine.

The theft was discovered Saturday at 8:00, and then at the scene the police were called.

Two days after the disappearance of the monkey-children had managed to find, however, Gomez is not yet discovered. Biologists believed that separated the monkey month mother would not have survived if it failed to quickly return to the family. They assumed that the animal is likely to die within days.

According to the owner of the Park-wildlife sanctuary Simbio John Radnidge, the mother of the missing crumbs have experienced such stress that he refused to eat. But after the return of the monkeys she immediately recognized her as his child and fed him milk.

Pygmy tamarins can cost more than 3,5 thousands of dollars on the black market, reports the BBC Russian service. In may 2010, the Australian Park Simbio was stolen eight monkeys (four tamarins and four pygmy crested Tamarin). One of them is a male named Rico and failed to detect and return to the habitat. Stealing monkeys was charged two residents of Sydney, aged 17 and 18 years old.

In February 2011, with the leadership of the Simbio contacted a resident of the state of Victoria, to whom the man gave the dwarf igranka purchased on the Internet. However, it was not Rico, and another monkey named Conchita, who was kidnapped in October 2010 at the zoo “Alma” in Brisbane, writes The Sydney Morning Herald.

The biggest threat to the dwarf marmosets are merchants Pets. This contributes to the attractive appearance and small size this species of monkeys. At birth the individual tamarins corresponds to the thumb of man.

Australian laws prohibit contain exotic and rare animals as Pets and to trade them. You can use them only at shows and in zoos, which requires the appropriate license.

Australian police arrested two brothers suspected in the kidnapping of pygmy marmosets from the Park 28.11.2016

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