The police of Sydney in Australia have arrested a 20-year-old Daniel Chapman, who is suspected of patricide. The motive for the massacre was that the head of the family tried to get her son to spend less time at the computer. To this end, the man disconnected the Internet cable in your home.

Family quarrel Daniel Chapman and his father Stephen John Chapman occurred on Sunday September 2 around 20:00, says The Daily Telegraph.

It is known that Daniel almost all free time spent at the computer. As explained by the senior police inspector Ken hardy, even if the young man was called to the family table, he was glued to the computer.

This situation was so sick 56-year-old Stephen, that he decided to interrupt the Internet connection. This led Daniel into a rage. Between 20:20 and 20:30 the young man grabbed a knife and stabbed the older relative of stab wounds.

Seeing the blood-stained husband, wife Stephen told his son to run to the neighbors for help. About the incident at about 21:00 learned doctors. They tried to save the wounded man, but he died on the way to the hospital.

Daniel after finishing school, I studied at Granville TAFE College.

Australian stabbed his father shut down the house online 03.10.2016

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