The Ministry of social development of the Saratov region has declared the procurement a tender for the purchase of vehicles that you plan to give to veterans as a commemorative gift at a ceremony dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the Soviet counterattack against the German-fascist troops in the battle of Moscow in 1941.

According to the application, at the expense of the regional budget, want to buy 23 grinder price 4926 rubles apiece for a total amount of 113,3 thousand. In the specifications it is indicated that the performance of the appliance with a stainless steel knife, motor protection overload and reverse system must be at least 1.5 kg/min.

Also, the Agency has announced a request for quotations for the supply of the same number of microwave ovens for 5852 rubles per unit, reports local portal “Vzglyad-info”. The capacity of the appliance should be not less than 700 W, and the amount is not less than 17 liters. To put the grinder in the Ministry need to 5 Dec, microwave ovens – to the 9th.

In the Network appeared sarcastic comments about it, such as: “In the 41st grinder they gave the Nazis, now the grinder they give officials”. In response, regional sedesol explained that decided to give their extant participants a real “grinder” at Moscow in 1941 after a survey of the relatives of veterans.

“We spoke with the relatives of the veterans about what they need, and they told us that the grinder is the most preferred option for them, – quotes RIA “news” a source in the Ministry. – This appliance many people want, because it is necessary to supply the elderly”.

“We don’t understand what caused such a hot interest in this, since this is household equipment, which in principle is needed in every home, whether a pensioner or a young family” – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, monetary gifts to the veterans to the anniversary of the battle of Moscow was not considered, since the task was to give them necessary and useful thing. The representative of the Ministry added that previously for several years, authorities in Saratov region have already been given to veterans of other appliances.

Meanwhile, Western researchers, particularly in Israel and Canada, claim that radiation from a microwave oven is bad for the eyesight and can lead to cataract – one of the most common eye diseases in the elderly. Moreover, some scientists believe that the use of microwaves can cause cancer.

The battle for Moscow was one of the bloodiest battles of the great Patriotic war. The first phase of the battle – September-5 December 1941 – was defensive, and then the Soviet troops launched a counteroffensive, and from January 1942 to massively drove the Nazis from Moscow.

Meanwhile, with gifts to veterans happened natural curiosities. So, in February 2015 in Novokuznetsk the one of the largest enterprises of this city have taken to the house of 92-year-old veteran of the great Patriotic war as a gift to the defender of the Fatherland Day Board game “air Hockey”, is designed for children from three years old, wrote the newspaper “Kuznetsk worker”.

Authorities in Saratov region decided to give the veterans of the battle for Moscow 1941 mayhems 11.11.2016

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