Family kemerovchan Stepanovs, dressed her 11-month-old daughter in a suit of coal, won in one of nominations of the first all-Russian contest “Young family – 2016″.

The father of the child Artyom for this contest was dressed as a pioneer of the main wealth of Kuzbass, Mikhail Volkov, mother Nina – a miner, a small Boil that can’t walk yet, in a suit of charcoal, and her wheelchair was transformed into a mining cart, informs television channel “news here. Kuzbass”.

Costumes for the whole family has made in the theater, where plays the mother, there is also rehearsed. As a result, the people won in the nomination “the Young family”. Earlier they won the regional competition “Young family Kuzbass – 2016″.

The first all-Russian contest “family of the year” conducted by the Ministry of labour and Fund of support of children in difficult life situations. The contest ended in late November, was attended by nearly 300 families of the 79 subjects of the Russian Federation. The winners were determined in five nominations: “the Large family”, “Young family”, “rural family”, “the Golden family of Russia”, “Family – Keeper of traditions”.

“Black gold” is the main natural wealth of the Kemerovo region. The majority of the population of this region is somehow related to the coal industry. Coal in the Kuzbass has even become a kind of internal currency, for example, they rewarded emaciated residents in the campaign against obesity and for healthy lifestyle launched a long head of the region Aman Tuleyev.

Baby in a suit of coal won all-Russian contest “Young family” (VIDEO) 02.12.2016

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