The Russian banks began to use a simplified procedure of debt collection from individuals. To obtain such opportunities in the credit agreements now entered a clause stating that the debt can be recovered on the Executive notary out of court.

The newspaper “Kommersant” conducted a survey and found that seven of the ten largest in terms of loans to individuals the banks have recently started or are going to soon enjoy a simplified procedure of debt collection.

“Raiffeisenbank”, “HKF-Bank” and “Russian standard” began to include the relevant paragraph in the loan contracts of October. “Sberbank”, “VTB 24″, “VTB” and “ROSBANK” I plan to do it from January 2017. In Gazprombank, “Rosselkhozbank” and “Alfa-Bank” the request is not answered.

With the new procedure increases the speed of debt collection. However, human rights activists say that the new norm can become a big problem for citizens, as borrowers will not be able to negotiate and defend their rights, the debts will be collected automatically.

From banks are applying a new simplified procedure for collecting debts can affect not only debtors, but also collectors, for whom such a procedure leads to further reduction of the market.

Banks were able to apply a simplified procedure of debt collection from individuals from July 2016. Such a right appeared at banks due to come into force in July amendments to the “Fundamentals of legislation on notaries”.

On 22 June the state Duma adopted a bill according to which the basis for debt collection became the Executive inscription of the notary on the loan agreement. It is enough to enter into the credit contract clause on the possibility to recover the overdue loans without a trial on the basis of Executive inscriptions of the notary in an indisputable manner.

Banks started to apply a simplified procedure of debt collection from the Russians 21.11.2016

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