The decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Federation of football associations (FIFA) on selection of host countries of the Olympic games and world Championships are determined in advance. In an interview with New York Magazine said President Barack Obama.

In 2009, Obama flew to Copenhagen for the IOC session to support the bid for Chicago to host the 2016 Olympics, but then the winning bid of Rio de Janeiro.

“Everyone thought that if I will arrive in Copenhagen, we will have a good chance to get the Olympics. Was worth spending on is one day that quoted Obama as saying the Agency AFP. – Later, I think we all learned that the IOC decision is similar to decisions of FIFA – they are a little identified in advance.”

The journal notes that the failure of Chicago then dealt a serious blow to the reputation of a politician.

Recall that the former FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter had earlier said: the hosts of the 2018 world Cup and 2022 world Cup was supposed to be the US and Russia as the two main political forces of the world, however, the election of Americans bypassed Qatar, that led to the crisis in FIFA.

Barack Obama: the Decisions of the IOC and FIFA pre 04.10.2016

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