Famous Barnaul extreme-slackline Konstantin Glukharev was on a sling stretched between the roofs of two 16-storey buildings at a height of 60 meters, breaking distance of 30 meters, reports the portal “Sib.FM.

33-year-old coach karate Kyokushin is slacklines fourth year. Previously his highest walk was at the height of 58 meters with a length of slings in 29 metres. It is the longest boardwalk in the sling remains unsurpassed – 55 metres at a height of 25 meters.

Slacklining (slackline) or Highline (highline), gained wide popularity after the release of the American movie “a Walk” (The Walk) in the fall of 2015, the hero of which passes the rope between the twin towers in new York collapsed as the result of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Unlike the hero of this picture, Barnaul extreme and his companions did not neglect the safety requirements and prepared an insurance policy, and also warned the police and officially rented the roofs of buildings, between which stretched rope, according to the publication.

“Highline is very cool – Glukharev said in comments to journalists after the new achievements. – But to find a place to stretch is not very easy. As a rule, the mountains are a suitable place. But where we are and where the mountains. And the building – here they, nearby, just within arm’s reach”.

Barnaul extreme passed through the stretched between the roofs of two 16-storey houses sling (VIDEO) 04.10.2016

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