The head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin held a working meeting with the Ombudsman under the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova, during which they discussed the crimes against children and, in particular, the pernicious influence of the media and the Internet on minors in the areas of advocacy of suicide, reports the press service of the Ministry.

Bastrykin noted that “the situation is exacerbated by factors such as: media, which covers in detail every story of suicide, causing the desire to imitate other teenagers; the Internet, where you can find whole websites and groups with detailed descriptions of methods of suicide, often in the social networks created the “clubs of suicides”.

The results of the investigation of criminal cases on the facts of child suicide has shown that currently there is no state body responsible for monitoring the Internet to detect prohibited information about methods of committing suicide and incitement to committing suicide, admitted Bastrykin.

He also added that currently these issues are handled by a special interdepartmental working group established in the UK. In turn, Anna Kuznetsova emphasized that to fulfill the tasks which it is necessary to build clear communication with all governments and other social structures which depend on the protection of children’s rights.

“First of all, it is necessary to focus on a systematic approach in solving specific problems for the consolidation of the resources of the state and society in the most pressing areas. Especially in programmes aimed at the prevention of violations of the rights of children,” said children’s Ombudsman.

In response to this Bastrykin assured her that the Investigative Committee is ready to provide the new Ombudsman with any assistance within its competence, which involves a large array of features, including criminal law measures for the protection of children.

In August this year in connection with the become frequent cases of teenage suicides in the Investigative Committee called for tougher legislation and the introduction of a criminal liability for declination of minors to suicide, including through the Internet. Moreover, in the TFR believe that the Internet has created fashion for teenage suicides.

In this regard, the investigation Committee held an interagency meeting, which discussed possible solutions to the problem of teenage suicide, reported on the website of the Ministry. “Last year, there were 685 such facts. Often suicides are committed under the influence of information from social networks and other Internet resources”, – stated in the message Department.

At the beginning of June in the state Duma was introduced the bill of introduction of criminal liability for inducement and assistance to commit suicide. Under current law, liability for incitement to suicide occurs only in the case of the use of threats, cruel treatment or systematic humiliation of human dignity. The penalty for such offence is up to three years of restriction of freedom.

“Given the fact that the situation is much exacerbated by coverage in the media of the topic of child suicides as a fashion “trend” that provokes the desire of teenagers to imitate, the meeting agreed that it is necessary to consider the consolidation of any government body monitoring “suicidal” content on the Internet” – explain in SK.

According to the results of the August meeting it was decided to create an interagency working group of employees of the TFR, the interior Ministry, Rospotrebnadzor, Roskomnadzor, the Ministry of communications, Ministry of education and Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, which will continue the discussion of issues related to childhood suicides, and will be working on the above and other proposals.

The “group of death”

Law enforcement authorities and the Supervisory authority have intensified in this direction after the article in “Novaya Gazeta” on 16 may about closed groups in social network “Vkontakte”, in which the unknowns predispose children to suicide. According to the publication, from November 2015 to April 2016 suicide to 130 minors, and almost all of them were members of the same groups on the Internet, lived in a prosperous and loving families.

After this publication, the Roskomnadzor has blocked eight groups in social network “Vkontakte”, which contained propaganda of suicide. Three groups were targeted for analysis in the CPS. The names of the groups in the Department are not disclosed. According to Roskomnadzor, users, and journalists were identified by administrators of several large communities that intentionally pushed subscribers to suicidal behavior.”

The greatest resonance was caused by history with a 13-year-old girl from Omsk, who, according to the regional investigative Committee, under the pseudonym Eva Reich posted information in the so-called groups of death in the social network and, presumably, was the administrator of these groups.

At this age girls will allow her to avoid criminal responsibility in a criminal case under article 110 of the criminal code on the fact of inciting teenagers to commit suicide in a closed group “Vkontakte” opened in Saint-Petersburg.

The Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Elena Mizulina on the background of this story suggested to reduce the age of criminal responsibility for such crimes.

After the appearance of resonance published in “Novaya Gazeta” journalists “Medusa” was subjected to the material analysed and drew attention to a number of inconsistencies and obvious flaws of the author. They noted that the article had not been given information about the scale of the problem: articulated figures of adolescents who committed suicide, was a result of the counting of the author. In addition, journalists noted that the author Galina mursalieva, repeatedly wrote texts on the relationship between the Internet and suicide. This could not impact on its objective selection of facts and their correct interpretation.

Jellyfish also noted that the text was not Mursalieva reviews specialists suicides and adolescent psychology, and there was no attempt to understand the mechanisms of adolescent suicide. The only comment of the psychologist, which appears under the article belongs to age psychologist Timur Mursalieva, which accounts for the author of the investigation, son.

Bastrykin and children’s Ombudsman Kuznetsova have agreed to jointly combat online propaganda of suicides 29.09.2016

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