National Park Taganay in the Chelyabinsk region brown bear attacked a camera, the lens which he got, and the device recorded a “crime” master of the taiga in real-time, reported on the website of the reserve.

Disguised as a tree stump, camera traps were installed in the protected zone of the national Park, in the area of the Second Shunga, on an animal trail leading to the salt lick, away from the tourist trails.

Close up of the camera captures the face of a predator that aggressively attacking device. In the end, the beast took a bite out of the antenna to the ground, the report said.

“It is unclear what so angered the bear, camera traps, says national Park Director Alexei Yakovlev. – Place the device worked for two weeks, and none of the animals paid no attention to him. Perhaps the bear did not like the smell of the DVR”.

Damage was estimated at 1.5 thousand rubles. After antenna replacement camera re-install it, but in another place, notify the administration of the national Park, noting that this is the first case of damage of the observing device of the inhabitants of “Taganay”.

Its territory is now live from 25 to 30 bears. Attacks clumsy tourists not fixed, calm in the reserve.

At the beginning of this year, the excitement in the Network caused the video with “dancing” birch Himalayan bear, caught in videolook in the national Park “Land of leopard” in Primorye. And at the end of last summer snapped in the national Park “Shushensky Bor” in the Krasnoyarsk region got brown bear-“the stripper”.

On the Internet you can find a lot of videos dancing under the imposed music bears, which invariably are very popular among Network users.

Bear online ate some camera traps, which were in the national Park “Taganay” (VIDEO) 10.10.2016

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