Confessed to the beating of journalist Oleg Kashin and the case suspected Danila Veselov during the interrogation, told that the Governor of the Pskov region Andrey Turchak during the preparation of the attack personally gave instructions to the performers. This is evidenced by the minutes of the interrogation Veselova published by the newspaper “the Pskov province”.

The investigator who interrogated Veselov, first clarify whether he meant really Turchak Governor Pskov region, asked for clarification of his name-a patronymic and a post. Then, talking about coaching, which he conducted Gorbunov and Turchak, Veselov says: “Instructions were of such a common plan. When the question arose, what to do, I was in General said that we have to injure him, preferably hands on, not to write lampoons all sorts… It Turchak said. Gorbunov proposed leg injury, some fractures cause”.

The investigator then says: “What have you reported to Gorbunov and Turchak, they all listened, made recommendations?”. It Veselov answered in the affirmative.

Kashin recently, he gave a video testimony Danila Veselov. In the video he claims that customers of beating of the journalist have been its head, Alexander Gorbunov and the Governor of the Pskov region Andrei Turchak. Also, Kashin stated that the money allocated to the attackers, officially passed through the accounting Department of the plant belonging to the family Turchak.

“Pskov province” claims to have published the full transcript of this interrogation, where was previously presented video clip.

In the summer of 2010 Oleg Kashin, Turchak mentioned in the comments in my Live Journal, used the adjective “Tu*tion”. Turchak said: “Young man, you have 24 hours to apologize. You can do it here in the thread or by individual post. The time has gone” (later this post was removed). In the night of 6 November 2010 the journalist was severely beaten in Moscow. Criminals inflicted more than 50 attacks, presumably with a piece of pipe or rebar. In the attack a journalist with fractures of the jaws, shins, brushes (one nail phalanx was actually torn) and traumatic brain injury was taken to hospital.

The defendants in the case about the attempt on the journalist, in addition to Gorbunova and Veselov are Vyacheslav Borisov and Mikhail Kautsky. The latter currently is wanted, Borisov and Veselov under arrest. In 2010, when Kashin was beaten, they all worked on “Mechanical plant” in St. Petersburg, which is a holding company “Leninets”, belonging to the family of the Governor of the Pskov region Andrey Turchak. Veselov and Borisov, according to Kashin, beaten are his people, and Catskin brought them to the scene by car Focus.

Beat Kashin said that Turchak recommended break his hands, and Gorbunov – feet 07.10.2015

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