Journalists beaten during the attack on the van of the joint mobile group of human rights defenders from the Committee for the prevention of torture, traveled to Grozny to collect material about kidnappings and torture in Chechnya, reports the”Caucasian knot”. The bus driver, more than any other victim in the attack in Ingushetia, said that the attackers spoke Russian with a strong accent.

In particular, journalists were interested in the circumstances of the death of the two natives of Chechnya who had previously requested asylum in Norway, but were deported to their homeland. The source of the “Caucasian knot” from Norway, familiar with the dead, said that less than a year after the deportation of both were found dead.

“In less than a year one killed, presenting it by accident. The body showed signs of torture. The second was kidnapped and deported a month later found in the river Argun also with traces of brutal torture,” said the source. Another source familiar with the case, confirmed this: “Now all presented as if in one case it was an accident, and another person drowned. Of course, law enforcement cases not brought. Relatives are silent, fearing for his life”.

Material about the death of two Chechens after the deportation published in the Norwegian newspaper Ny Tid, which the reporter øystein Vindstad was beaten during the attack on the bus. It should be noted that the attackers on journalists and human rights defenders called them accomplices of the terrorists.

About it told the driver Bashir Pliev, who broke his leg and arm, and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He stated that the pursuit of a van of the joint mobile group in Ingushetia was conducted from Karabulak, on the outskirts of which is located the headquarters of the defenders.

“When we left Karabulak, journalists told me that some machine all the time goes for us, even the car’s number was called, but I said not paying any attention to. I was sure that in Ingushetia we are in complete safety”, said Pliev.

According to him, the van was clipped, then the assailants dragged him from his car and threw it on the track. He was beaten for 15 minutes, demanding to open a compartment door that opens only from the button driver. “During the beating they shouted: “You carry the supporters of terrorists! You’re helping the terrorists! And we’re fighting terrorism!” This is what I heard. Then I was shocked,” said Pliev, noting that the attackers were all speaking in Russian but with a thick accent.

The attack on the journalists and human rights defenders from the joint mobile group of the Committee for the prevention of torture occurred in the evening of 9 March. About 20 unknown persons in masks attacked a minibus near the village of Ordzhonikidzevskaya in Ingushetia. The attackers beat up the passengers, pushed everyone away and set fire to the bus.

Many of the victims of the Chechen settled in the hotel “Grozny-city”. As reported by “the Media”, whose reporter was also beaten during the attack, investigators and employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ingushetia had to inspect the rooms of the beaten journalists, but they were not allowed there.

Lawyer of the Committee for the prevention of torture Catherine Venclova presented a receipt from other journalists and human rights defenders, which allowed it to take things from their hotel rooms, but the Director of the hotel refused to let Venclova and Ingush law enforcement officers, citing the fact that they are not the owners of the rooms.

During the attack, suffered a Norwegian journalist øystein Vindstad, a Swedish radio reporter Maria Persson Lofgren, Alexandrina Elagina from The New Times, journalist “media zones” Egor Skovoroda, blogger Michael Solunin, collaborated with the “Kommersant” journalist Anton Prusakov, lawyer Catherine Venclova, press-Secretary of the Committee for the prevention of torture Ivan Occupants and driver Bashir Pliev.

Beaten in Ingushetia journalists collected materials about torture and abductions in Chechnya 11.03.2016

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