The Kremlin said that the message of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin elected President of the United States Donald Trump, which the billionaire called “beautiful” letter, was congratulatory.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, trump spoke about the forthcoming contacts with the Russian leader and said that he had received from his “beautiful” letter and has already planned a telephone conversation. No details of the contents of the letter, the billionaire has not led, so the reporters asked the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

“It was a congratulatory message, in which President Putin congratulated trump’s election, with a victory in the elections”, – said Peskov. According to him, the Kremlin has given “briefly the contents of this message.”

On the website of the Kremlin on 9 November it was reported that the telegram it was about working together for the removal of Russian-American relations out of the crisis and “building a constructive dialogue between Moscow and Washington, based on the principles of equality, mutual respect and real consideration of each other’s positions”.

Sands says that the Kremlin has no contact with the team trump

Press Secretary of the Russian President also said that the Russian leadership is not in contact with the representatives formed by the Donald trump of the new US administration and work with current President Barack Obama and his team. The question was whether the Kremlin contacts with members trompowsky team, Peskov replied: “No, the Kremlin was not.” He added that this “team is being formed” (quoted by “Interfax”).

On specifying question, whether he met with trump or anyone from his entourage during a recent trip to new York, Sands said.

As reported TASS, the press Secretary also recalled that “trump has not entered into the position of President of the United States, the United States has a sitting President with whom he runs the Russian side”.

Sands, previously did not rule out contacts between President Vladimir Putin and trump before the inauguration, declared that while early to speak about how Moscow will work with the new administration. “Don’t get ahead of ourselves. Definitely will have to judge for certain steps, decisions, signals that are sent to the new administration,” – said Peskov.

Individual contacts Putin with Obama is not planned, but they may meet on the sidelines of the APEC summit on November 18-20 in Peru. “With Obama, while some of the planned contacts there,” – said Peskov. “However, in Peru, most likely, they will be on the sidelines of the same event – the APEC summit”, – quotes the press-Secretary of TASS.

According to him, “of course, if they are together at this event, anyway it is possible that on the sidelines they somehow communicate. It is difficult to say whether this full-length nature of the conversation or not, but Putin will be in Lima and, as far as I know, President Obama also will participate in the APEC summit,” – said Peskov.

Last week about contacts with his campaign, trump said the Russian foreign Ministry: the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov, “contacts” during the election “and after the election, too.” In the US, these words are perceived as recognition of the participation of the Kremlin in the presidential race.

On Friday, November 11, Peskov told the AP that during the election campaign Moscow “naturally” maintained contacts with representatives of the staffs of both presidential candidates. According to Peskov, it was the Russian experts, specialists on States and on international Affairs.

12 November, the head of communications holding company “Minchenko Consulting” Evgenie Minchenko told Interfax by phone from the US that he met with representatives of staff, studied how they are leading the campaign, watched how they work from the inside. According to him, the main objective of his visit is the study of “how does the American political machine, how is the campaign,” to prepare a report on the elections in the United States.

“Beautiful” letter to Trump Putin was a congratulatory telegram about the development of relations out of crisis 14.11.2016

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