Use in food production of iodized salt, which insists the Ministry of health, may significantly increase the cost of meat products.

At the request of the National Union of meat processors in the agriculture Ministry, which writes on Monday, the newspaper “Izvestia”says that the list of food additives that are permitted for use in food production technical regulations “safety Requirements for food additives, flavorings and technological AIDS”, not allowed to use iodide and potassium Iodate.

In the production of meat products is used the brine mixture consisting of salts of sodium nitrite. As stressed by the authors of the letter, known as iodine fortified salt will interact with the sodium nitrite – this product in nature yet. In addition, because of the iodine can change the color of the sausages, which will adversely affect demand.

In addition, the fear makers, the requirement to enter in the recipes of sausages iodized so, can badly affect the export of processed meat products in other countries of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU).

Processors also point out that the widespread use of iodized salt has a number of other problems whose solution was not yet found.

The Ministry of health, says the publication, initiated widespread use of iodized salt, as the Russians are developing the disease due to a deficiency in the body this chemical element iodine. The bill on amendments to article 15 of the law “On quality and food safety” is being developed.

However, the new type of salt is likely to be required to use only for the representatives of catering, bakers and salt producers to consumers, said the newspaper in the Ministry.
The CPS say they are currently investigating this issue.

Because of the new initiatives of the Ministry of health in Russia could grow sausages 10.10.2016

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