The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko before talks between the leaders
“Norman Quartet” in Berlin will hold a special meeting with the head of
France’s Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel without a leader of the Russian Federation
Vladimir Putin. This follows from the announcement on the website
of the Ukrainian President.

“19 Oct 2016 President Petro Poroshenko will make a working
visit to Berlin for talks with participation of heads of state “Norman
format.” Prior to the meeting in “Norman format”
will be a separate meeting of the President of Ukraine with President of France
Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel,” – said in
the press service.

However, with Putin, Merkel and Hollande will also be a special conversation”
the fields” meeting of the leaders of the Quartet. According to Reuters, the Chancellor
Merkel in Berlin at a press conference after a meeting with President
Panama Juan Carlos Varela said that he will discuss with Russian President
the humanitarian crisis in Syria, which has become “disastrous.”

“The humanitarian situation became even more catastrophic, and absolutely
obviously, the reason for this air raids, Syrian and Russian
aviation on helpless people, hospitals and physicians”, – quotes the Chancellor

According to Merkel, given the current situation in Aleppo, it is impossible
consider all of your options, including sanctions. “But above all,
of course, we need some way to alleviate the suffering of the people,”
said the Chancellor.

“With certainty we can say that a miracle from tomorrow’s meeting
to be expected, but to say it is always necessary, even with a substantial
the divergence of views,” – said Merkel.

According to the foreign Minister of France Jean-Marc Ayrault to discuss the issue of Syria
planning and Hollande, Reuters noted.

Earlier, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, answering the question,
will Putin at a meeting in Berlin to discuss the issue of Syria, said:
“No.” “The President is open to discussing the topic of Syria with all that he is about
this was said just before, communicating with journalists in India. But
the goal of tomorrow’s meeting is a meeting in the “Norman format”, – said Peskov.

The government of Germany declared that the agreement of all four
the participants of the meeting were
, it was confirmed all four sides, including
The Kremlin
. The Kremlin said the leaders “will have
the opportunity to talk with each other in different formats”, but
“bilateral meetings” are not yet scheduled.

Before the “channel meeting” the leaders of Germany, France and Ukraine talk to each other without Putin 18.10.2016

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