In Volgograd from office released the Vice-mayor Anatoly Omelchenko, who recently appeared in the scandal center after the checking of children’s and youth sports school of the N22 “Dream”, where engaged in training athletes in sport-ballroom dancing. The officer allowed himself a very sharp remarks, calling the pupils of DYUSSH “same-sex beings, torque priests”.

Insists he Omelchenko, has already confirmed the information about his resignation in an interview with reporters, V1, he resigned as Vice-mayor for culture and social policies on their own. The official stressed that the move is not related to the parents of the pupils of DYUSSH N22 “Dream” who wrote the petition to send him into retirement.

“I love kids and didn’t even think about to insult them. Why some strange aunts who are not familiar with me, began to scream, that scream that we parents send their children to aesthetic education!? I didn’t even joined with them in the same aesthetic argument. I need it?” asked Omelchenko.

“And if I in front of the kids said, “Well, why do you bring up homosexuality?”, it would be an absolute crime. My, to himself. They first attributed to me the word “gay”, then moved on to gay – say, I said it. Then all the sites started, absolutely not ashamed, “he is a latent gay,” says the official.

After that, according to him, the Internet began to spread accusations against him that he is “gay promoting homosexuality”. Omelchenko does not exclude that in the future it is as easy as now, will be able to accuse unfounded “child abuse”, and then sue him in court.

Last week, local media wrote that the mother of one of the young dancers engaged in DYUSSH N22 Mechta, Elena Berdnikova posted on the popular Internet platform a petition demanding the resignation of the Vice-mayor of Volgograd. The woman claimed that the officer was named young can “same-sex beings, torque priests”.

Berdnikov also claimed that Omelchenko during the visit the youth Academy, which, according to the woman, is in the TOP 10 Russia by the number of achievements of athletes in competitions in sport-ballroom dances of the Russian Federation and abroad, “compared the training and ballroom dance classes with the activities of a homosexual nature”.

“He didn’t mince words and offered sports school to search the premises on a commercial basis for such studies. Promised that the school will be the first in Volgograd, which it will close. All this happened in the presence of teachers, coaches, parents, pupils,” reads the petition text.

At the moment it was signed by more than 4.4 thousand people. “If you follow the logic Omelchenko, then the same characteristics can be “fit” any sport, from martial arts , where gay athletes are grabbing each other for all possible places to swim, where they played almost without clothes”, – concluded the authors of the petition.

It is worth noting that in children’s and youth sports school N22 “Dream” confirmed that the fact of communication Omelchenko with the parents of pupils of the school took place on 10 November. “We showed Anatoly Viktorovich space, rehearsal, told about problems, achievements and future plans: as usual, when the man takes office. But suddenly when several senior management and the teachers the Vice-mayor said the following in the address boys can: “This is some gay creatures of torque priests. Girls are still okay, but boys. So far homosexuality”. To say we were shocked is to say nothing,” he told reporters at the school.

At the same time, Omelchenko himself before his retirement stated that he does not believe that he allowed himself something unacceptable and offensive, and insisted that his statements excessively exaggerated by teachers and authors of the petition.

“They asked me, whether I like ballroom dancing, I said no. All dancing should be based on the gender relationship, and here the boys separately, girls – separately. They do not interact, do not overlap views. In addition, children in their costumes and hairstyles are similar to adults. The boys go with slick hair and bulging ass. I don’t like it. I do not forbid these dances are not saying that they’re disgusting, it’s just not for me,” explained the official.

Anatoly Omelchenko in 1979 graduated from the school-Studio of MKHAT of a name of Nemirovich-Danchenko. As an actor he has worked in a number of Moscow theaters, including the Theater of satire, Mayakovsky Theater, Moscow art theatre and the Chekhov Theatre. In 1983 starred in the film Tashkova “Teenager” based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

“Being gay”: the Vice-mayor of Volgograd, comparing the ballet with homosexuality, resigned 22.11.2016

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