Belarusian Andrei Fomochkin, swept the Russian flag at the opening of the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, get an apartment in Moscow, said in his Facebook the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

According to her, she was asked by a friend, who “so admired the act of the Belarusian” that he wanted to give him an apartment and asked for help Zakharova.

“I confess I every day please help to give someone an apartment. Just will not tell. I can only say that the apartment is real, in the finished house. I, of course, personally tested,” said the spokesman.

Zakharov noted that Fomochkin already arrived in Moscow, and on Monday he will be presented the apartment. Then we will know the name “of the mysterious count of Monte Cristo,” she said.

We will remind, the international Paralympic Committee (IPC) did not allow the Russian team to participate in the Paralympic games in 2016 held in Brazil from 7 to 18 September, and disqualified the Russian Paralympic Committee (RCC).

In the Paralympic Committee of Belarus, the removal of the Russians considered inhumane. The Chairman of the sports Department Oleg Shepel called blasphemy that disabled people put at the head of the policy, transferring to the collective responsibility of a single claim. The head of the Committee said at the opening ceremony of the Paralympic games in Rio de Janeiro Belarusian athletes in solidarity will carry the flags of Belarus and Russia.

As a result, Belarusian Paralympic athletes still carried the Russian flag at the opening of the Games in Rio in solidarity with the national team of the Russian Federation. After that, two members of the Belarusian delegation was deprived of accreditation at the Games in 2016: Director, center for Olympic training in athletics, Andrey Fomochkin, which carried the Russian flag at the opening of the Paralympics, as well as one of the leaders of the team.

Belarusians swept the Russian flag at the Paralympics, was given an apartment in Moscow 03.10.2016

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