French writer Anne Burt voluntarily left this life with conducted in Belgium treatments of euthanasia, writes Le Monde.

Bert received a lethal injection at his own request, being in the Department of palliative care. She sought permission for euthanasia within a few months, the newspaper reminds. 59-year-old writer from 2015, was suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – an incurable disease of the nervous system, which, with rare exception, leads to a painful death. Burt called his illness “the cannibal” and said that can not move and even swallow on their own. “I live like an animal,” complained she.

In 2017 Burt issued an open letter to the presidential candidates of France with a request to allow euthanasia. She was able to discuss in detail the issue of voluntary withdrawal from life with the Minister of health of the country Agnesa Businem. The writer hoped that the new law will be adopted within two to three years.

In France, the law allows for a “deep and continuous sedation” for terminally ill people, but does not allow active euthanasia. In Belgium, voluntary departure from life with a medical procedure legalized in 2002.

Ann Burt was known as the author of erotic novels. Among the most popular of her works are worth mentioning such works as “the Pearl”, “Water in mouth”, “Damn appeal” and a collection of limericks “Sex”.

The Deputy mayor of Paris Christophe Najdovski welcomed to Twitter the death of the writer. “I admire her courage and her fight for the right to die with dignity,” he wrote.


Belgian doctors killed the author of the French erotic novel “Water in mouth” 03.10.2017

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