International rating Agency Fitch Ratings found that the Bank “Peresvet”, belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church (49,71%) and Trading-industrial chamber of the Russian Federation (of 24, 36%), lend to companies that have no real assets, the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

In addition, many borrowers of the Bank revealed “some signs of affiliation with each other or with the shareholders or management of the Bank.” This, for example, total minority shareholders.

As explained by analyst Fitch Dmitry Vasilyev, on the 100 largest borrowers of the Bank “Peresvet” has slightly less than 50% of the loan portfolio.
Credits to 12 billion (of the total 17 billion) is recognized as particularly risky, because issued by companies without real assets, while the Bank is the only lender.

The analyst of “Expert RA” Stanislav Volkov with his hand indicates that when a large number of borrowers from the Bank too little staff to handle the applications and taking decisions on them.

This fact, however, from a formal point of view, is not enough to recognize the borrowers are affiliated entities, but these symptoms often indicate that lending to related parties.

Thus, as follows from the recent message of the rating Agency, Fitch affirmed long-term Issuer default rating of the Bank “Peresvet” on the level “B+” and two Russian banks medium-sized Bank “Intesa” – “BBB-” and “RosEvroBank” at the level “BB-“.

According to the website of the, JSC “AKB “Relight” is a large Metropolitan Bank historically associated with the ROC. The Bank provides services including the company in state and Federal ownership, loans to commercial enterprises, small and medium businesses and infrastructure projects secured by revenue from government contracts. “Relight” works on the currency, debt and money markets.

The shareholders are ROC (49,71%), Trading-industrial chamber of the Russian Federation (of 24, 36%), head of the legal Department of the Bank Elena Kadina (12,38%), ex-Chairman of the Board Victor Litvyakov (4,97%), Lidiya Makeeva (4,50%), Vice President and member of the Board of Bank Pavel Panasenko (1,71%). To minority shareholders belongs to 2.37% of the shares.

On September 1, 2016 Bank’s net assets amounted to 198,46 billion (44th place in Russia), capital (calculated in line with CBR requirements) – 30,20 billion, credit portfolio – 143,67 billion, obligations to the population – 22,40 billion.

Belonging to the ROC, the Bank was accused of granting loans to companies without real assets 05.10.2016

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