Actor Benedict Cumberbatch, with great success performing in London “Barbican” in the role of hamlet, stunned the audience abusive attack on the British government.

As explained by The Daily Mail, after every show, the actor is satisfied with a small performance to entertain the audience and inviting them to make donations to the Foundation, helping Syrian refugees. Thursday, October 29, Cumberbatch began his speech with a poem “the House” Warzone the Shire, and then recounted the experience of his friend who recently visited the island of Lesbos. On this Greek island, noted actor, arrives daily five thousand migrants, while the British government intends taken only 20 thousand refugees in the next five years.

Begging the viewers to feel compassion for the refugees and to make donations, Cumberbatch hit the power, shocked theatre-goers abusive characteristics of politicians. The actor called the inaction of the British government in connection with the migration crisis is a disgrace and stated that he would like to get an explanation from home Secretary Theresa may.

According to the publication, the emotional speech of the actor was perceived ambiguously because in the audience were minors.

Recall that Benedict Cumberbatch is known for his roles of Sherlock Holmes in the TV series “Sherlock” and Khan Noonien Singh in the film “StarTrek: Retaliation”, the journalist Julian Assange in “the Fifth estate” and mathematician Alan Turing in “the imitation Game”.

Benedict Cumberbatch was cursed by politicians, advocating for refugees after the play “hamlet” 30.10.2015

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