One of the richest men in Russia, Alisher Usmanov donated 500 million rubles for the construction of the Bulgarian Islamic Academy (BIA) in the ancient city of Bolgar in Tatarstan, again covering about half of the budget construction, reports the edition “Business Online”.

The founders of BIA are the Central spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia under the leadership of Talgat Tajuddin, the mufti Council of Russia under the direction of Ravil Gainutdin, the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Tatarstan. This school has become the new center of theology in Russia, from where will come out of domestic scholars, whose fatwas on important social issues will be a guide to action millions of Russian Ummah.

The approximate amount of construction of BIA – about one billion rubles. Only with regard to the assets of Usmanov attracted about 900 million rubles, said Tatyana Larionova – Executive Director of the Foundation “Revival” of the head of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev. “Under the roof of all buildings as academic buildings and six campuses. The next month, we are entering the finishing work”, – she told reporters.

Tacitly considered that the project is not only Tatarstan, but Putin, says the publication. In the fall of 2015 at the opening of the Cathedral mosque in Moscow, the President of the Russian Federation announced its support for the proposal of the leadership of Tatarstan and the leading Muslim religious authorities on the establishment of the BIA.

Vladimir Putin then said that it is important “to Muslim youth brought up in traditional Islamic values and prevent attempts to impose alien worldviews that have nothing to do with true Islam.”

As an example, “perverted Islam,” has led Putin banned in Russia the terrorist group Islamic state (DAISH), stressing that “their ideology is built on lies.”

Usmanov previously generously sponsored the construction of the White mosque in Bolgar – in the media appeared the amount of 250 million to 650 million rubles, the newspaper notes.

Town Bolgar – the place of the official adoption of Islam by the state Volga Bulgaria in 922.

Billionaire Usmanov gave money for the construction of the Bulgarian Islamic Academy in Tatarstan 28.11.2016

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