In Birobidzhan, the police in hot pursuit detained the kidnapper of a washing machine from a resident of the capital of the Jewish Autonomous region, proudly reports the regional interior Ministry.

32-year-old woman called in a call center of city Department of police and reported the kidnapping of her appliances from the lobby of the hostel where she lives. Police quickly tracked down and arrested the kidnapper. It was them 26-the summer repeatedly earlier judged local, the report said.

As it turned out, the man stayed in the apartment next door, drinking alcohol in the company of their friends. Spotted a washing machine in the hallway, he decided to Snitch, pulled out of the building, loaded into a taxi and drove to the thrift store.

However, to spend the proceeds from the sale of equipment money, he did not – he was detained in an alcohol intoxication and taken to the police Department where the attacker confessed to the crime.

Birobidzhan, the police quickly uncovered the “theft” of the washing machine 17.05.2017

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