The flight data recorders of the Boeing 737 that crashed in Rostov-on-don on March 19, worked until the collision of the liner with the earth, have informed in Interstate aviation Committee (IAC).

“Recording, including voice recorder, good quality, – quotes “Interfax” the official representative of MAK. – Have managed successfully to copy, is transcript. Within two weeks, may will be announced preliminary data”.

He also said that the display of wreckage of the crashed plane at the crash site may take more than one week, “given their condition.”

During the investigation of the causes of the disaster experts the POPPY also carefully check the data on the crashed ship, will be tested pilots ‘ skills and information that they supposedly “worked hard”.

A day earlier, in MACK reported that the interim results of decoding the parametric and voice recorders can be obtained within a month, “to receive the final results may take a month or more”.

As for the debris, large parts almost gone, engines, components and assemblies is highly defragmented, said the Agency, which among others investigates the causes of the plane crash that claimed the lives of 62 people.

Flying from Dubai Boeing 737-800 FlyDubai airlines crashed early on the morning of March 19 while attempting to land at the airport of Rostov-on-don in adverse weather conditions. According to preliminary data, the crew of the aircraft tried twice to make a landing, but without success, and two hours circling over the airport. When you try to go to the next circle, the plane crashed near the runway, fallen into small pieces. All aboard the people – 55 passengers and seven crew members were killed.

Immediately after the disaster in the Network have been published decoding of negotiations of the pilot with the dispatcher of the airport where there were no signs of the tragedy. To investigate the circumstances of the crash created an operational headquarters. Among the possible versions are considered the error of pilots in bad weather with Gale-force winds and pouring rain, and possible malfunction of the Elevator. Version of the attack ruled out immediately.

“Black boxes” crashed in Rostov-on-don Boeing 737 worked until the collision with the ground 24.03.2016

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