Accused of distributing extremist materials blogger Anton Nosik at the meeting of the Presnensky court has acted with last word. Earlier the Prosecutor asked to sentence him to two years in prison. The Nozzle acts against a conditional sentence, reports “the Media”.

The court issued a guilty verdict, but it is unclear what the penalty would assign the Nose.

The blogger stated that it will not accept a conditional sentence. In his last word he was going to ask the court either to acquit him fully, or send to the colony. “Today is a big Jewish holiday, well, even the Prosecutor will be a holiday,” he joked.

At the beginning of his speech, the Nose drew historic Parallels with his case, describing the trial of a Soviet economist Ivanov, who in 1940 was arrested for anti-German propaganda in September of 1941, listened to the verdict. According to Spout, at that time, as Russian troops engaged in the assault on Aleppo, it is judged for the words in support of these troops.

“The prosecution in my case did not take even attempt to prove my criminal intent. I want to remind you that the burden of proof of my dangerous acts is conferred on the investigation, they are not proved”, – he said, adding that his office still has not proposed to remove from public access.

The spout also referred to the results of the examination, did not find in his blog and said in the air of “Echo of Moscow” words of extremism, which the Investigative Committee was ignored. “The investigation itself has chosen experts of the Moscow research center. Itself put questions to them. Paid for, presumably, their works. And refused to believe that the act of examination, which is very well ordered. I think it needed some significant reason, but I couldn’t find them. The investigator did not argue with the data expertise, he simply ignored”, – he said.

On the website “Open Russia” the last word Anton Nosik was published in full. Before leaving on a break, to conclude, the Nose said that he remained “one anecdote and one request.” “This anecdote was told me in the 1980-ies, when three of my Hebrew teachers went for the sentence to throw in Mordovia forest. So, talking to two Soviet judges. One asks the other: “Colleague, you could be sent to jail is innocent?” – “What are you, in any case, I would condemn him on probation.”

From a joke comes directly my request. I ask you to treat seriously the question of punishment seriously. If you think I’m your life, work, social activities not deserve it in the fifties years the stigma of a criminal just to justify me. And if you think they deserve, not go on about Vova Soloviev and his guests, demanding some kind of symbolic half-measures, we’re adults and serious people are not afraid of the authorities, nor each other, nor the Moscow city court. Assign, please, a real term, though Katerina Sergeyevna today will be a holiday, not just Jews,” concluded the Nose.

According to the investigation, the Spout 1 October 2015 in the “Live Journal” posted an article titled “Wipe Syria off the face of the earth.” In the post he welcomed the bombing of Syria – as you know, on September 30 the same year, Russia launched a Syria military operation – in support of the army of President Bashar al-Assad.

A citizen of Israel Spout has compared Arab Republic with Nazi Germany and wrote that for Israel it has always been “absolutely real military adversary. According to the blogger, “the last 70 years the middle East has not seen anything from Syria, in addition to the aggression, wars, cannibalism, destruction and grief.” His position on Syria Anton Nossik actually repeated the same day in a live radio station “Echo of Moscow”.

Blogger Anton Nossik, who was accused of extremism, opposed the conditional sentence: either to justify, or in jail 03.10.2016

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