The Chelyabinsk court has pronounced a sentence for a repost in the social network account banned in Russia organization “Right sector”. Central district court sentenced the blogger Constantine Zharinova who made a repost to two years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period in two years, according to human rights portal “OVD-info”. Immediately after the verdict of the judge of Irina shirshikova the blogger was pardoned.

The Prosecutor at the trial asked to appoint Zharinova the penalty of three years imprisonment (with a probation period of four years) and to grant Amnesty. Zharinov for the record on March 2, 2014 accused of public appeals to extremist activity (part 1 of article 280 of the Criminal code of Russian Federation). Punishment under this article provides till four years of imprisonment.

The propaganda text, which was posted on his page blogger, called for Russians to protest against the authorities. In the resolution on initiation of proceedings with reference to the results of linguistic expertise, it was argued that “in the specified text are the statements of incentive character calling for hostile and violent actions”.

Zharinov himself in connection with the initiation of proceedings noted: “Are the current political analyst and the author of several books about the history of terrorism. The message of the “Right sector” was interesting to me in the professional aspect”.

Previously because of the text written in the “address “Right sector”, under criminal liability has got 19-year-old student from Ivanovo Elizaveta Lisitsina. She also added it on your page in the social network via reposting. In her case the text was not signed by Ukrainian nationalists.

This is not the first attempt in Russia to judge a man for the repost. Last week the Leninsky district court of Cheboksary recognised guilty of inciting extremism Chuvash a member of the Board of Parnassus by Dmitry Semenov, who made repost pictures with Dmitry Medvedev in the hat. He was sentenced to pay a fine of 150 thousand roubles and immediately amnestied.

In may the Lenin district court of Barnaul Altai has sentenced the opposition leader Dmitry Bychkov to 3 years probation for repost pictures of the combat cartridge with the comment that it is “the only argument that is ready to hear the power”, reported by “the Media”. The post was placed by the nationalist Maxim Kalinichenko, who became the founder of the group “Russian right sector” social network “Vkontakte”. For that Kalinichenko was sentenced to two years and seven months in a penal colony.

Previously, the Krasnodar Department of the Federal security service opened a criminal case on activist Darya Polyudova for insulting the President. She posted the uncensored Ukrainian song performed by Ukrainian fans. This summer the case was dismissed.

The movement “Right sector” became famous during the protests in Kyiv that resulted in the change of power in Ukraine. In November 2014, the Supreme court has recognized PS extremist organization and banned its activities in Russia. In January “the Right sector” was entered in the register of prohibited in Russia organizations.

In Russia against the leader of the movement Dmitry Yarosh investigated several criminal cases. Last March Russia’s Investigative Committee has charged him under article “Public calls to terrorist and extremist activities using the mass media”.

At the beginning of July to two years ‘ probation sentenced 19-year-old resident of Ivanovo region for attempting to join the “Right sector”. The court found him guilty under article “Mercenarism” and “Public calls to extremist activities”.

Blogger condemned for reprinting by the Ukrainian organisation, banned in Russia 28.09.2015

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