Son-in-law and senior adviser to the President of the United States Donald trump Jared Kushner met several times with Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. The daughter of an American leader and the wife of Kushner Ivanka trump, in turn, for ten years a friend of ex-wife of a businessman Daria Zhukova. On it informs Agency Bloomberg with reference to the documents that are filled with people beginning work in the White house.

According to the publication, when Ivanka trump and Kushner filled out a SF-86 to obtain the level of access to classified documents, they had to answer the question, whether there was at them in the last seven years “close and prolonged contact with foreign nationals”.

As we learned from this form, in 2014, Kouchner spent four days in Russia where he, along with his wife arrived at the invitation Zhukova. Kushner, Ivanka trump, Abramovich and Zhukova “was sitting at a table with other people” at a fundraising dinner at the Jewish cultural center. According to the Agency, only Kushner and Abramovich met 3-4 times.

The representative of Roman Abramovich in conversation with the newspaper stressed that since billionaire had no contact with Kouchner. Journalists, in turn, noted that Kushner invested in the business, whose founder was Zhukov. In addition, Ivanka trump, Kushner and his brother Joshua was accompanied by Zhukov at sporting events in new York.

In early August, the journalists of the Bell, citing a senior Russian official wrote that Zhukov may be involved in the organization of meetings between representatives from the environment of the U.S. President and Russian officials. According to the publication, Zhukova excellent connections in the American establishment. A few years ago, in particular, she staged a high-ranking Russians meeting with Michael Bloomberg, who at that time held the post of mayor of new York.

At the same time the publication also noted that the brother-in-law of U.S. President Joshua Kushner is a key business partner Zhukova. In particular, in 2010 his Fund Thrive Capital, donating $ 1.5 million saved from bankruptcy an online platform for art collectors Artsy project Zhukova.

Jared Kushner, which holds the position of senior Advisor to the White house, in turn, in late July, saidthat “not colluding” with Russia and did not agree with the Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak on the creation of a “secret channel” of communication with the Kremlin. This was stated in his written explanation to the Commission of the Senate investigating an alleged Russian intervention in the elections.

Kushner, who admitted that he spent about four meetings with Russian officials during the presidential campaign of 2016, in a written statement to the closed hearings said: “I don’t collude and don’t know anyone of the participants of the campaign who is in cahoots with any foreign government.”

Bloomberg found out about the meetings-in-law of the President of trump and Roman Abramovich. 19.08.2017

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