Russian authorities initially planned to spend on military action in Syria next year to 1.2 billion dollars. Since the start of hostilities against terrorists “Islamic state” Russia spent about four million dollars a day, however, after President Vladimir Putin instructed to intensify the bombing, the cost has doubled. This writes the Agency Bloomberg , citing unnamed domestic official.

Evaluation of the Royal United services Institute for defence studies in London before the middle of November Russia has spent on the Syrian campaign of about $ 4 million, after Turkey had shot down a Russian aircraft, daily expenses have been doubled to 8 million – nearly $ 3 billion a year.

That operation HQs of the Russian Federation in Syria has cost Moscow in the amount of four million dollars a day, back in October, wrote the journalists of the Moscow Times. According to experts, since the beginning of air strikes on 30 September the Russian government spent on the military operation from 80 to 115 million dollars. This amount includes the cost of the bombing, the maintenance of military equipment, infrastructure, staff salaries.

If we compare the defense budget of 3.1 trillion rubles ($50 billion) of Russia, the figure looks not so impressive. However, given the projections that the conflict in Syria could drag on for years, spending on Russia’s participation in hostilities can be very sensitive for Moscow.

This is not the first attempt of the assessment by experts of the military operation of the Russian Federation in Syria. The Kremlin precise figures are not calls, though, and confirms that the participation in the Syrian conflict Russia is entirely paid by yourself. Recently, the experts interviewed by the publication “Kommersant-Money”, suggested that the operation in Syria would cost Russia about 1 billion euros (of 69.34 billion, or 1.14 billion dollars) a year.

Yesterday, during the annual interview, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev saidthat the problem of rearmament of the army will be made, and defenses no sacrifice will be. By 2020 Russia’s Armed forces will be rearmed with 70%, Putin said. “Our goal is to re-equip weapons, new military equipment by 2020 our Armed forces by almost 70%. This task will be performed. No doubt can’t be”, – said Medvedev.

The Prime Minister did not disclose the cost of the operation of Russia in Syria. “It’s a secret. I can tell you this: the use of the Russian Armed forces fully in the budget of the Ministry of defence. They did not seek to increase defense spending,” – said the head of government.

Since the beginning of air operations of Russia in Syria a little more than two months. During this time, from the head of state, caught up in international isolation after the annexation of Crimea to Russia and events in Donbas, in the media, Vladimir Putin turned into a potential leader of a new, so-called broad coalitionthat will fight against prohibited in the Russian Federation terrorist group “Islamic state” (DAYS). Thus in the Kremlin continue to hear accusations that Russia bombed HQs in Syria is not so much the positions of the IG, how many locations of opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The American magazine Foreign Policy included the current President of Russia in a rating of “Global thinkers 2015.” Putin entered the category of “decision-makers” (decision makers).

According to the newspaper, the Russian President earned the title, while conducting an air operation in Syria, aimed at combating terrorism. At the same time nominating a review compiled by Foreign Policy in critical rather than congratulatory manner. Its title – “the role of peacemaker dropping bombs”. The publication reminded that Russia claims bombing Islamic state terrorists, while the USA say about the blows of the Military space forces of the Russian Federation on the Syrian opposition and human rights activists Human Rights Watch report on the “documented civilian casualties”.

Russia began a military operation in Syria on September 30. The Russian air strikes daily strikes on positions “Islamic state” and other terrorists. While in the West and some middle Eastern countries Moscow has blamed air strikes on the locations of armed groups opposed to the Assad regime, and peaceful neighborhoods.

Since the beginning of operation experts and politicians have said that Russia’s actions in Syria may be favorable to Russian President Vladimir Putin to distract from events in Ukraine, restoration of reputation and the possible lifting of sanctions against Russia in the future. The authorities of the Russian Federation that view officially denied.

Also among the objectives of the operation of the Russian Federation in Syria, the experts called the desire of the Russian leader to show the inefficiency of action of the international coalition led by the United States, which has set itself the task of fighting with the “Islamic state”.

Polls show Putin’s official policy of combating the global terrorist threat was domestic approval. According to data of sociologists, Russians have become more wary of terrorist attacks, but at the same time strengthened the faith of citizens that the government can protect them from the militants.

While in the West, continue to insist that the air operations of Russia in Syria is not sufficient to start the withdrawal of Moscow from international isolation. The white house insiststhat the precondition for the lifting of sanctions against Russia will be the implementation of the Minsk agreements, and not the bombing of Syrian territory.

However, analysts have repeatedly noticed that more clear in comparison with the US is Russia’s position on Syria in conjunction with the strengthening of the terrorist threat real give Putin the chance to lead a new broad international coalition against terrorists.

After the incident with the downed Russian bomber su-24 experts have notedthat Turkey’s actions provided Putin an absolute advantage in the middle East party. Now the NATO countries will have to beg Putin, and not he them. Otherwise, this is an international military conflict, in which, contrary to the agreements, European countries will be very difficult to decide to take the side of Turkey.

Bloomberg found out the cost of military operations of Russia in Syria 11.12.2015

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