Sergei Kiriyenko, appointed in early October, the first Deputy head of the presidential administration, will head the election headquarters of Vladimir Putin in the presidential elections of 2018, informs Agency Bloomberg with reference to informed source. According to him, this will happen at the end of 2017, when the election campaign will be launched.

According to five sources, the Agency now Sergey Kiriyenko manages a team that ensures Putin’s victory in the election for a fourth presidential term with a significant advantage in 2018.

“Putin is preparing for a third decade in power. Powers Kiriyenko will go beyond the elections, according to the individuals discussing it with him. They involve some rejection of conservatism, “permeated” the political system in recent years, but without threats to stability. This makes the appointment of Kiriyenko part of Putin’s effort to attract a new generation of senior officials”, – quotes Bloomberg the material of the website InoPressa.

“While a victory for Donald trump in the presidential election in the U.S. echoes around the world, Vladimir Putin is taking steps to remain a force to be reckoned with the next occupant of the White house,” the publication adds.

“Conservative agenda has exhausted itself – said the political scientist, Professor of Moscow state University Andrey Ashkerov. – Putin urges young bureaucrats to join him in an attempt to refresh the system.”

Sergei Kiriyenko, memorable mainly to the fact that he during his brief tenure as Prime Minister announced in 1998 a default, since 2005 was the head of “Rosatom”, which became over the years of his leadership of an important instrument of Russian foreign policy with the contracts for NPP construction from Finland and Hungary to China and India.

He took on his new duties with only one colleague, a former Director of the Department of communications “Rosatom” Sergey Novikov. It is unclear how great will be the staff, however, Kiriyenko said that he would invite to his team of the former Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin.

“Kiriyenko expect not only in terms of the presidential elections in 2018″, – said Boris Makarenko, Chairman of the Board of the Center for political technologies. Kiriyenko “to offer a new program for difficult economic conditions” that will determine the priorities of the next – and last, according to the Constitution, presidential term for Putin.

That the purpose of the appointment of Kiriyenko “changer” Vyacheslav Volodin, was the holding of a successful election campaign, the media started talking immediately after the appointment.

New curator of internal policy of the Kremlin confirmed the predictions, after a series of meetings with representatives of the expert community, asking them “to speak about the medium-term agenda, major themes, risks and challenges.”

So, in early November, sources RBC reported that he informally spoke in the Kremlin with sociologists, political strategists and spin-doctors on the topic of the upcoming presidential election and preserving the stability of the political system in the country. Invited invited comments on how the government can “effectively to win the presidential election” and in General “to preserve the stability of the political system” in Russia. According to the participants of a private event, Kiriyenko himself during the meeting said almost nothing, listened to and recorded.

In early November, it also became known that the Kremlin refused from the idea to hold early presidential elections. Media sources have attributed this to the defeat in the presidential election in Hillary Clinton and the victory of Donald trump. Officially this information in the Kremlin denied, saying that such plans never existed.

Bloomberg: Kirienko can head Putin’s campaign headquarters 18.11.2016

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