One of the fastest growing trading companies in the world has in your state of any trader, writes with reference to Bloomberg.

Programmers and mathematicians have helped British companies XTX Markets, specializing in algorithmic trading, to enter into the five of leading foreign exchange dealers in 2016. Now it is planning to increase its presence in the equity markets, raw materials and bonds.

ZAR, Amrolia, one of the leaders XTX, told reporters that a serious challenge for his company will compete with high frequency traders in new markets, especially in the United States.

Instead of faster to find attractive quotes, XTX uses mathematical models, based on extensive data sets.

Some of the 74 employees call themselves traders, but the typical inhabitants salesrooms their work is likely to seem unusual.
The human factor does not influence trading decisions, says Amrolia.

Analysts only monitor the algorithms, checking whether they work properly and do their duties.
The company States that the computing power of its technology is already comparable with some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

Bloomberg spoke about trading companies, without costing the live traders 13.10.2016

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