The controversial memorial plaque to Finnish Marshal Carl Gustaf Mannerheim set in St. Petersburg, was again attacked by vandals. This time activists of “Other Russia” Board cut down with an ax, reports “Kommersant”. In early October, the police found her injuries similar to bullet holes.

After the incident no one was arrested. The leader of the St. Petersburg branch of the unregistered party Andrei Dmitriev said that such actions will be performed until then, until the authorities dismantled Board by yourself. According to the activist “Other Russia”, the plaque Mannerheim is a “monument to the madness of the authorities of Russia and St. Petersburg”.

Press Secretary of the unregistered party Alexander Averin said in an interview with radio station “Moscow Says”: “We want to remind you that Mannerheim – one of the organizers of the blockade of Leningrad is not a place on the plaque in St. Petersburg. Our activists have appealed to the court, the official way. However, the court ruled in our favor. It seems to me that the city rejects Mannerheim, and we hope that will still be made a reasonable decision to dismantle”.

The plaque was installed on 16 June in the former barracks of the cavalry guard of Empress Maria Feodorovna regiment, where Mannerheim had served from 1891 to 1897 after graduating from the Nikolaev military Academy. The ceremony was attended by holding then a post of the head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Ivanov and Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky.

The installation of the Board caused a strong protest of many members of the public indicating the participation of the Finnish army in the siege of Leningrad and the role of Mannerheim as commander in chief in this process, as well as its direct contacts with Adolf Hitler, who on 4 June 1942 was a guest at 75th Marshal.

Board since the installation three times already doused with red paint and three were cleared. The first two acts of vandalism go unpunished, in the third case, was made the administrative Protocol on the resident of the Moscow region, one of the oldest members of the “Other Russia” Anatoly Silence, threw the September 8 Board two balls of paint.

“The other Russia” was established by former members of the banned National Bolshevik party. Until March 2016, led the “Other Russia” was the writer and writer Eduard Limonov, but due to deteriorating health he retired.

In July this year, the Council by a plaque under the government of St. Petersburg has recognized the installation of a memorial plaque to Finnish Marshal Carl Mannerheim illegal. Experts said that the installation of commemorative memorials must be approved by the city Council or Governor of St. Petersburg, which was not done. 27 Sep smolninskiy district court of St. Petersburg dismissed the claim of the inhabitant of St. Petersburg Pavel Kuznetsov for the city government to invalidate the installation of a memorial plaque to Mannerheim and dismantle it.

Board to Mannerheim in St. Petersburg again damaged: it was chopped with an axe 10.10.2016

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