Airline Boeing and Airbus agreed with the proposal of the member of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption, former FSB Director Nikolai Kovalyov about the equipment of aircraft video surveillance systems with the ability to transmit images to earth online, reports TASS, citing the responses of airlines to the appeal of MP. Although the MP believes that the implementation of ideas all ready, the airlines propose to develop the most “realistic” options.

Director, aviation security Boeing James Vasatka noted that the company already offers customers the ability to install on-Board video and automonitoring. “These systems can be factory installed during Assembly of the aircraft, and they can also be installed on already operating the aircraft,” – said in the letter.

“However, – said the representative of Boeing, we have had no ability to send collected onboard video ground stations. The main reason is the limitations of broadband terrestrial systems”. According to him, the company continues to develop “next-generation systems that might be able to provide these opportunities in the future.”

A Boeing representative noted that the effective exchange of information and cooperation between different countries is important for the formation of a secure global air transport system. In his words, “closer cooperation between government agencies, aviation authorities, international organizations, research organizations and aircraft manufacturers will contribute to this task.”

Executive Vice-President Airbus, Christopher Buckley, in charge of Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific, expressed confidence that the deputies will appreciate “the difficulty of determining the costs in the case of the use of this method of security, since this option will probably require the use of a variety of systems and applications of various business processes”. “However, we would be very happy to provide support and consulting support to help the Duma to develop a realistic solution to this problem taking into account constraints of the industrial and operational in nature,” he added.

According to Executive Vice President, Airbus is proposing to establish a group of experts to exchange views on current developments and ideas for the future. “This team may consist of specialists in security experts to ensure flight security and video surveillance on Board,” the letter says.

Kovalev is sure that “a sharp rise in price of air travel, it will not”

The Deputy Nikolay Kovalev believes that the introduction of video recording of what is happening on Board the aircraft of Russian airlines all ready. He predicts that this could occur in 2018. “There are calculations, since the main argument of the opponents of the introduction of video recording is that it is, in their opinion, will lead to a serious increase in the cost of tickets. I have all the necessary calculations, and I am sure that to a sharp rise in price of air travel, it will not”, – he said in comments to RBC.

While Kovalev refused to name the sum, which may cost the Russian air carriers mandatory installation of video recorders on Board. “I as the envoy for the fight against terror, parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE introduced a resolution urging other countries belonging to the OSCE, to follow the example of Russia and this kind of legislation to introduce in all the leading countries. That is why I have applied to Boeing and Airbus, since 80% flight garage in the world provide these two companies. And, unfortunately, are often the objects of aspirations of the various kinds of terrorists,” – said Kovalev.

In the summer of 2015, the OSCE parliamentary Assembly adopted the proposed resolution Kovalev on the necessity of equipment of the aircraft by means of video recording and transmitting information online in the event of seizure of the liner. These measures, noted Kovalev, will allow law enforcement agencies to carefully prepare for the conduct of special operations in the event of a hijacking, and allow you to understand what happened on Board if the plane inexplicably disappeared from radar. In April 2016, Kovalev said that he had submitted a relevant bill to the state Duma.

The General Director of “Victory”: the installation of the video system aboard a single aircraft will cost one million dollars

The requirement to equip aircraft video surveillance systems is contained in the order of Ministry of transport from 2011 “On requirements for ensuring transport safety”. Violation of these requirements is punishable by a fine up to 100 thousand roubles, at repeated infringement – the penalty to 200 thousand roubles or suspension of operations of the company for a period of up to 90 days. However, as noted by “Rambler/Travel”, in fact the carriers did not comply due to the lack of certified equipment.

Until 2016 Rostransnadzor not fined and did not punish the airline for failing to comply with this rule. March 31, 2016, the Agency ordered the loukoster “Victory” to install surveillance cameras on Board capable of transmitting data to earth and decided to fine aviakompaniju for the lack of systems. Management of the carrier has stated that equipment installation is technically impossible, and tried to appeal the decision.

While the airline’s CEO Andrei Kalmykov mentioned that the “Victory” sought by Boeing on the technical feasibility of installation of cameras in the interior, but the aircraft manufacturer said that at the moment it is impossible. Assessment Kalmykov, only installing the necessary equipment on Board one plane will cost one million dollars (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).

However, in September the Moscow arbitration court confirmed that the Board needs to be installed recorders, and ordered the “Victory” to equip their aircraft. After checking the Prosecutor General’s office a similar claim was addressed in S7.

The Ministry of transport was planning to postpone the installation of the cameras until 2019

In early August, TASS with reference to the minutes of the meeting of the Deputy Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Nikolay Zahryapin announced that the Agency has postponed the decision on the beginning of 2019.

“The Department of transport infrastructure of special programs to make the changes (additions) to the order of Ministry of transport of Russia dated 08.02.2011 N40, providing for the postponement of the implementation approved by the order of the requirements concerning the equipage with video surveillance systems, to 01.01.2019″, – stated in the Protocol.

Also at the meeting, it was decided to extend these requirements to foreign airlines with offices in Russia.

Boeing and Airbus proposes the idea of the Deputy of the state Duma on security cameras on planes 21.11.2016

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