The President of Russia Vladimir Putin, which recently said that he has no friends left in Europe, again in favor, although he, being under the pressure of sanctions, has not given up on anything important from the perspective of their geopolitics.

Have already resumed talking about the lifting of the sanctions imposed in 2014 on the resumption of economic cooperation. The Russian President has always been an idol and source of support for the European far-right parties, but now his fans in conventional political parties hold important positions and rise to the top ranks in opinion polls, wrote this week is a weekly newspaper Politico.

“Soon the West may be a private Pro-Putin elite”, – said in the article, which is in confirmation listed the countries, where the victory or defeat “friendly” to the Kremlin political forces: Estonia, Bulgaria, Moldova, the Netherlands, Greece, Hungary. And now even France – thanks to françois Fillon, winning in the primaries. Former Prime Minister calls Russia an “important partner” of Europe, wants to remove the sanctions and considers that the Western powers provoke it, by expanding NATO.

However, the temptations of such alliances with Russia lies the most obvious “sign of weakness,” said the Russian writer and literary critic Boris Akunin.

In an interview with French weekly magazine Le Point writer, conducting a lot of time in France, where his wife, recalled that “the current Franco-Russian Alliance is not the first in the history and we know that he is able to bring in terms of independence, the strategy of linkages, including cultural”.

“You should not forget that today Russia is, in fact, is the government of one man, Putin, who makes all the decisions. The regime is not democratic, but rather anti-democratic, it puts pressure on the opposition, puts people in jail for political reasons. It is an aggressive country, ideologically oppressive, xenophobic and homophobic. Today’s Russia is a country. And so if France wants to fraternize with the political regime similar lines, is fine, but it means that in France, everything is not okay” – says Akunin, interview quoted by InoPressa.

Europe could unite around shared principles, to realize what is good and what is evil, but “if you enter in Russian the twilight zone, you lose all sense of orientation,” said the moon.

“I should clarify the question of Franco-Russian friendship. Of course, I’m for good relations between France and Russia. Of course. But how long Russia will be what it is today, if Putin does not step towards freedom, democracy and peace, so long, I think any Alliance with Russia would be a sign of weakness,” says the writer.

Commenting on the speech by françois Fillon against the embargo imposed by Europe on Moscow following the annexation of Crimea, Akunin noted that if, as President, Fillon really intends to do it, “the French voters would be better to carefully consider how to do that on voting day”.

“Should think not about today but about tomorrow. This is the policy. A strategic plan looking into the future”, – said Boris Akunin.

Boris Akunin, commenting on the “Pro-Putin” coalition of 7 countries in Europe, said that “any Alliance with Russia is a sign of weakness” 25.11.2016

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