The leader of the Party of growth, Ombudsman for entrepreneurs in Russia, Boris Titov has called the government’s draft budget for 2017 and the planned period of budget stagnation, reports “Interfax”.

“We believe that the budget that has been proposed by the Ministry of Finance is the budget of stagnation. It seems to me that this is already the budget of stagnation”, – said business Ombudsman to journalists on Wednesday.

According to Titov, the government’s three-year budget did not include growth potential of the Russian economy, on the contrary his article – the key to the continuation of stagnation. He believes that a particularly significant reduction of funding for education.

“If we adopt this budget, we can repeat the history of the Soviet Union,” he added. Titov noted that with this budget, the government will not be able to maintain the growth rate they have today, and will “roll back”.

Earlier, the Commissioner for the protection of the rights of businessmen have already criticized the draft budget.

“If we talk about this budget, this budget is a slow decline. This also applies to the growth that provided. At this rate of growth we are sorely behind other countries. Essentially, it is the conservation of backwardness,” – said Boris Titov at the end of October during the meeting of the Stolypin club, to discuss the draft Federal budget for 2017-2019.

November 16, we will remind, the state Duma Committee on budget and taxes recommended to accept in the first reading the draft Federal budget for 2017 and the planning period of 2018 and 2019. Home financial budget of the country will be considered on first reading in plenary on Friday 18 November.

Boris Titov called Russia’s budget is a budget of stagnation and stagnation 18.11.2016

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