The inhabitant of the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg had caused the day before on interrogation in Investigative Committee because of the pictures of the online artist Alexei Kudelina, publishing his works under the pseudonym Vasya Lozhkin. According to the UK, we are talking about the “Great beauty of Russia”.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian scientist named Sergei explained that the signal had been received from Krasnoyarsk, said on the eve of the Internet newspaper “Fontanka”. As told in the SK, a year ago a man posted on his page a picture Vasey Lozhkina “the Great beauty of Russia”, after which some of the Krasnoyarsk territory is a census image.

Then in Krasnoyarsk picture as extremist, said the Department. Now for this reason, the inhabitant of Petersburg is called on interrogation. Sergei asked the investigator to send him a summons. In addition, the St. in any case have contacted a lawyer.

Picture “the Great beauty of Russia” is a card on which the silhouette of the Russian Federation highlighted in red, marked with the symbol of the Kremlin towers and the double-headed eagle and marked with a yellow inscription “Great beauty of Russia”. Over Russia it is written: “Our North”. All other countries are shaded black and marked with various rude names, plays on stereotypes about a particular nation. It is worth noting that in the Federal list of extremist materials on the website of the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation picture “the Great beauty of Russia” does not appear.

On its official website Lozhkin reports that he considers himself an artist in the broadest sense of the word, because he can’t draw. The author notes that usually depicts cats, rabbits, apes, and bears, elephants and horses.

While Lozhkin says that in his work, does not like generalizations, therefore, draws specific objects of the fabulous, invented the world, they don’t lead to “some kind of collective image, metaphor or other crap”. In fact, many of the works Kudelina represent a satire on the Russian reality.

Born in St. Petersburg, was summoned for questioning because of placed “Vkontakte” picture Vasey Lozhkina 25.10.2016

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